More than 2,000 Comcast NBCUniversal employees and their families, friends, and community partners volunteered and participated in 17 school projects as apart of the Comcast Cares Day this year.

Mini murals and inspirational messages, larger painting projects, litter clean up, school campus spring cleaning, landscaping and beautification, as well as special projects, technology and mentoring are among the project’s volunteers complete at Philadelphia schools on Comcast Cares Day.

Some of the schools that had projects during the Comcast Cares Day include Alexander Adair Elementary School, Chester A. Arthur School, Bache-Martin Elementary School, Watson Comly Elementary School, Samuel Gompers Elementary School, Horation B. Hackett Elementary School, Kensington Health Sciences Academy, Francis Scott Key Elementary School, Logan Elementary School, John Moffet Elementary School, Robert Morris Elementary School, Laura W. Waring Elementary School, and the William McKinley Elementarty School with City Year.

During the McKinley Comcast Cares Day on May 4, more than 150 volunteers, which included Comcast CFO Michael Cavanagh, NBC10 president Ric Harris, NBCSports Philadelphia president Brian Monihan, Comcast Freedom Region senior vice president Jim Samaha, as well as Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and the School District of Philadelphia Superintendent William Hite, worked together to paint mini murals and inspirational quotes and spruce up the grounds of the school in West Kensington to keep it an inviting place to learn.

From 2003 to 2019, Comcast has held 66 Comcast Cares Day projects at schools in the City of Philadelphia. Over 48,400 volunteers gave more than 193, 600 volunteer hours — valued at approximately $1,120,000 to cleaning, painting, landscaping, creating murals and more at these projects. The goal of the Comcast Cares Day is to improve school buildings to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for students. (215) 893-5716

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