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Third-grade students at Powel Elementary School recently wrote short poems in their class. —Submitted Graphic

Third-grade students in Octavia McBride’s class at Powel Elementary School are studying Native American History in social studies and exploring the literature of contemporary Native American poets like N. Scott Momaday.

Below are poems the students wrote modeled after Momaday’s poem “The Delight Song of Tsoai-Talee.”


By Amira Pitts

I am a lovebird that sleeps in a brown tree.

I am a beautiful bronze feather from a lovebird.

I am the bird with fierceness in her voice.

I am the bird that hides out in a tree trunk of an oak tree

I am the gorgeous feathers on a bird’s body.

I am the bird that soared in the sky that everybody admired

I am the bird that rediscovers itself each day in its copper feathers.

I am the bird that looks out of his magnificent brown tree.

I am a lovebird.

My Song of Delight

By Rohan Rawat

I am the extraordinary cow grazing in the green field.

I am a frosty mouse who sleeps soundlessly.

I am the burning sun who people admire.

I am the strong, warm wind blowing in the air.

I am the light grey bird who flies in the sky.

I am the large river who runs so peacefully.

I am a smart dolphin who has an IQ of 162.

I am the wooden arrow who flies so gracefully.

I am a leader wolf who travels in a large pack.

I am so many great things.

Who I Am

By Aubrey Pearson

I am the graceful and gentle wind blowing in the blue skies

I am the fiery hot sun hiding behind the clouds

I am the nimble and noble fairy with light footed dancing in the air

I am the book in the library waiting to be held held by a child

I am the heat keeping a house warm

I am the chalk being washed away by the rain

I am the paint going on a wonderful canvas

I am the presents going under a wonderfully decorated tree

I am the pages going into one book

I am the multitudes going into all children

I am anything and everything and you can be too!

New Car

By Aydan Washington

I am a new car

I am moving fast as the wind

I can go far like a star in the sky

I am a new car

It’s like I can fly

I Can Be Anything

By Hamayah Dantzler

I am the waves in the sunset.

I am the moon and the sun.

I am the lion roaring, raging for food.

I am the grass moving in the wind.

I am the deer feeling free.

I am the child playing with toys.

I am the math problem looking to be answered.

I am the candy that rots in your teeth.

I am the horse that runs in the field.

The Dawn

By Eli Williams

I am Sunday and sunset

I am the day out and the night in

I am the sun rising-the dawn.

I am the transitions from dark to light

From p.m. to a.m.

I am the sun

I am the sky

I am the dawn

I Am

By Sadeem Leath

I am the sand that blows in the desert

under your feet.

I am the snow that melts in your warm hands.

I am the tree that you sit under to look at the sky.

I am a puddle of rain that I jump over.

I am the coat I wear to keep me warm.

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