Student love for learning shows at Clara Barton Elementary School

Second-grader Dala’a Motan likes reading and writing at Clara Barton Elementary School. — PHOTO BY ABDUL SULAYMAN/TRIBUNE CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER.

Dala’a Motan has a love for learning. Dala’a, who is a second-grader at Clara Barton Elementary School at 4600 Rosehill St., is always finding new ways to learn different things. Whether it’s reading a new book or writing a story.

“I’ve been going to Clara Barton for the last three years,” Dala’a said. “Clara Barton is a really good school because I’m always learning something new. This school challenges me in different ways. The teachers are really nice and make the classes fun.

“Two of my favorite things to do at my school is reading and writing,” she added. “I love reading new books. It’s a great way to learn about different things. I also like to write. A lot of times I write about things that are going on in my life. I also like my art class. In there we do a lot of different projects that involves painting. It’s a lot of fun.”

In addition to her teachers, another person who is proud of Dala’a’s is Clara Barton’s principal Colleen Bowen.

“Dala’a’s is an amazing student,” Bowen said. “She works extremely hard and she loves to learn. She was one of our student speakers at the playground dedication ceremony. We’re just so proud of her.”

When asked what she would tell other students about her school, Dala’a simply replied: “Clara Barton Barton is a great school. There are so many things to do at this school. Students should really come here, they would have a lot of fun, I know I am.” (215) 893-5716

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