Student is eager to learn at Blaine School

Fourth-grader Karter Stubbs favorite subject in school is math.— PHOTO BY ABDUL SULAYMAN/TRIBUNE CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER.

Enter Ashley Walker’s fourth-grade literacy class at the James G. Blaine School at 3001 W. Berks St. and you will see Karter Stubbs sitting at her desk. She has a laptop and a piece of paper on her desk and a pencil in her hand.

“I always liked learning about new things,” Karter said. “I just really love being part of a school that allows you to learn different things whether it’s in the classroom or applying what I learned outside of the classroom.

Karter has been going to Blaine for five years. Since then, she has kept a busy schedule in and outside of school.

“I participate in a couple of activities,” Karter said. “I participate in City Year after school and I also participate in dance. With City Year, they help us with our homework for 45 minutes. We do get a snack when we first come in. For the rest of the time there, we play some games and participate in different activities. They try to help us get better with the things that we’re learning in our classes.

“I’ve been dancing since I was 5,” she needed. “In my free time, I dance outside of school with a group. We do a lot of hip-hop moves, but we also do a lot of choreography. We don’t perform at a lot of different places; we mainly just dance for fun.”

As far as academics, Karter said that her favorite subject in school is math.

“I love reading, but my favorite subject is math,” Karter said. “In my math class we’re doing fractions and decimals. We’re also doing multiplication and division. My math teacher (Christina Molitor) is great. She really explains everything that we’re learning. If we don’t understand something she is willing to help. She really makes learning fun.”

When asked what she would tell other students about her school: she simply replied, “Blaine is a good school. The teachers are nice and they will help you learn. If you have a problem, you can always go to a teacher and talk to them about it.” (215) 893-5716

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