Senior prepares for life beyond Girls High

Senior Angelica Estevez plans on being an engineering major one she graduates from Girls High. — PHOTO: ABDUL SULAYMAN/TRIBUNE CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER.

When the time came for Angelica Estevez to look into where she wanted to go for high school, four years ago, she really wasn’t sure which District school she would be attending.

It wasn’t until her middle school teacher, an alumna of Philadelphia High School for Girls, suggested she take a look at her alma mater that Angelica was able to find a school that was the best fit for her.

“When I was a student in middle school, the school that I attended had some classes where the boys and girls were separated,” Angelica said. “One of my teachers at the time, who I also looked up to, went to Girls’ High for high school. She told me that she thought that I would be a good student at the school.

“I went to an open house at Girls’ High and I really liked it. I liked the all girls setting and the teachers and staff were so nice when I came. I knew right away that I wanted to come here for high school.

“I’ve been going to Girls’ High for four years and my experience has been really great,” she added. “I’m able to be in a lot of rigorous and advanced classes, which is great because I wanted to be a competitive student while I was here.”

Angelica has been very active since being a student at Girls’ High. She’s a student athlete that plays three sports, she used to be in the music program, and outside of school, she volunteers at a library.

“I’m very active in sports,” Angelica said. “I do tennis in the fall. In the winter I do bowling, which I’m the bowling captain for that sport. In the spring, I play badminton. I also used to be in the band and play the flute.

“Outside of school, I’ve been volunteering at a library,” she added. “I wasn’t born in the U.S., so I’m a first generation immigrant. My family is from the Dominican Republic, but we’ve been here for six and a half years. Since I know Spanish, I wanted to help people who are learning how to speak English. I’m able to that at the library. I volunteered for eight weeks, but right now I’m taking a break for winter.”

While Angelica doesn’t yet know which college she will be attending once she graduates from Girls’ High, she does know she will be prepared for college because of her experience at her school.

“I want my major to be in engineering, but I’m not sure which part of engineering I could be going into yet,” Angelica said. “It could be mechanical, electrical, or computer. Either way, I’m looking forward to the next stage of my educational journey.

“Girls’ High has been such an amazing place for me. Not only have they helped me prepare for the next level through academics, but this school has also helped me become a bigger leader.

“We have a strong sense of empowerment here and we all feel like we can achieve whatever we put our mind to if we work extremely hard,” she added. “There is no limit to what we can do and there are no barriers we can’t break. Girls’ High is an amazing school and I would encourage anyone to come here.” (215) 893-5716

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