keeping your school locker organized

Keep your locker organized. — Submitted photo

1. Take everything out and put it into three piles:

Stuff to keep

Stuff to return or take home

Stuff to ditch

2. Wash and dry the inside of your locker.

3. Ditch your unwanted stuff in a trash can. Be careful, though. If there’s private information (like graded papers or anything with your phone number or address on it), take it home first.

4. Put the “return” pile in a bag and be diligent about following through! Return borrowed items, and take home old clothes and unused articles.

5. Organize your “keep” stuff into separate piles: clothes, grooming items (put into a bag), books, loose papers (put these into a folder), binders and notebooks, sports equipment and so on. Put pens and pencils into a pencil box or clear zippered bag.

6. If you have locker organizers, install them.

Now put in your stuff: Hang up your clothes, gym bag or backpack; place your books in the order you’ll need them, by class; and add your personal items. Sports equipment, shoes, boots and other dirty stuff go on the bottom of the locker.

Add your class schedule to the door. Also consider: a mirror, clock, a dry erase board for quick reminders, calendar and hand sanitizer.

Decorate, if your school allows it.

7. Here are some things to remember ... to keep your “house” in order:

Tidy up at least once a week to avoid losing stuff.

Whatever you add to the inside of your locker door might go flying if you slam your door shut. Be sure everything is attached firmly.

Never give out your locker combination or key. You don’t know who will end up with it!

Don’t keep perishable food in your locker for more than a day. Weird smells are not cool. — (NAPS)

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