Hard work pays off for Duckrey student

Eighth-grader Dymir Evans is a a part of Steppingstone Scholars program at Duckrey. — PHOTO: ABDUL SULAYMAN/TRIBUNE CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER

For many students, being in middle school is a memorable experience. An experience where students come into their own, find our what their interests are and prepare for high school.

One student who is enjoying his experience at the Tanner G. Duckrey School is eighth-grader Dymir Evans.

Dymir has embraced everything his school has to offer. He like his teachers, works hard, and participate in the Steppingstone Scholars, an educational nonprofit program that follows the progress of students from the early grades to college through intense math lesson, after school clubs, and the high school selection process.

“I’ve been going to Duckrey since kindergarten and my overall experience has been good. We have a lot of great teachers here who makes learning fun,” Dymir said. “They always find different ways to provide us with the best opportunities in the classroom. As far as my learning experience, no teacher has caused me to fail and if I do fail I can usually get right back on my feet because of my teachers and my peers.

“I participate in Steppingstone Scholars after school program. In Steppingstone’s we do clubs like robotics and chess. They usually tutor us to keep us on top of things in our class. I’ve been to the robotics league.

“We go to it at Central where we get to see all of the different robots and obstacles we have to push through,” he added. “I like being in robotics. I like the process of building the different obstacles and then we test the robots to see if they can make it to the end.”

Dymir said it’s through his experience at Duckrey that has helped him prepare for high school.

“Duckrey is definitely preparing me for high school,” Dymir said. “The teachers are teaching us the things we need to know for high school. My math and reading teachers are helping us with the high school process. They’re making sure that we get our essays done.

“In addition to Duckrey, The Steppingstone Scholars program is also helping prepare for high school,” he added. “With Steppingstone, they’re making sure that I learn everything I need to know for ninth grade. They’re teaching me things that I haven’t been taught yet. I’ll definitely be ready for high school because of my experiences here.”

Dymir said that his career goal is to one day be a computer engineer. He said he believes that one school in the District will help him start that journey in high school.

“I would really like to go to Engineering and Science,” Dymir said. “I want to be a computer engineer when I grow up, so I think that that school can help me accomplish my dream of doing that. I would really love to go to that school for high school.”

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