Did you know: Facts about board games

Scrabble is an official sport in several African countries.-Unsplash photo.

-In 2008, two skydivers played a short but sweet Scrabble game after jumping out of a plane high above Florida. Of course, to keep the game intact, they made a specially reinforced wooden board and super-sticky adhesive pieces.

-A schoolteacher created Candy Land in 1949 to brighten the day of children confined to a San Diego polio ward.

-Number experts have found that there are close to 2 trillion ways to win Connect Four by getting four in a row, and more than 700 million ways to tie. However, assuming you’re playing a “perfect” opponent, there’s also one way to guarantee a win: Go first, and play in the center column.

-Battleship was one of the first games to be made into a computer game in 1979.

-The phrase “back to square one” might have been inspired by Chutes and Ladders.

-The name Jenga is based on the Swahili word meaning “to build.”

-According to Hasbro, the tallest Jenga tower ever was 40 levels tall plus two additional blocks on top.

-The longest Monopoly game ever went on for 70 straight days.

-Using all of your letters in one Scrabble turn is called a bingo.

-Scrabble is an official sport in several African countries, including Senegal and Mali.

-One in three American households has a Scrabble game set.

-Two journalists invented Trivial Pursuit in 45 minutes after being shocked at the price of a Scrabble set.

-A professor of architecture, Erno Rubik built a twistable box with colorful rows of labels on each side to see if it was possible to design blocks that could move without causing the entire structure to collapse. After Rubik rotated a few rows and mixed up the colors, his challenge began: Realign the hues. It took him about a month to restore the cube to its pristine condition.

-The highest score you can achieve in Yahtzee is 1,535. To do so, you would have to roll a Yahtzee on every single turn, and more than half of them would have to be all 6s.


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