Back-to-school must-haves

School supplies await the first day of class. — PHOTO: Tom Perkins

You don’t have to pick between form and function when gearing up for the new school year. Make the grade with these stylish back-to-school must haves.

Going green: One easy way for students to accessorize while going green as as a family, is to pack lunch with reusable containers and wrapping. These days, it’s easy to find cool designs made from eco-friendly, healthy materials, such as silicone, stainless steel, cloth and even rice paddy fiber.

Keeping time: With a stylish time piece, you’ll never be late. Those from Casio’s Vintage collection match a variety of styles, so they’ll look good no matter what you’re wearing. Water-resistant and equipped with an audio calendar, daily alarm and 1/100th second topwatch, they feature an LED light and a battery life up to seven years.

Tune time: A great set of headphones can add flair to any outfit. Looking ahead to the colder months ahead, check out headphones designed for all ages that double function as fleece headbands. The options from Cozy Phones, for example, include fun animal designs like pandas, unicorns, and frogs.

Smooth operator: An intuitively designed calculator can support a student through middle school and high school and into college. The fx-CG50 PRIZM, a next-generation graphing calculator has advanced features like brand-new three dimensional graph drawing and improved catalog function, allowing for greater engagement and real-life application in the mathematics classroom. What’s more, it’s natural textbook display and intuitive icon-based menu are designed for both style and ease of use.

Protect tech: Protecting tech gear to extend that life of your pricey purchases and personalize your style. Now, anyone can design their own cases for tablets, phones, and laptops by using online services, such as My Custom Case and Casetify.

With back-to-school gear that looks great as it works, you can get set for a great school year. (215) 893-5716

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