Twenty-four Philadelphia principals have been selected to join the seventh cohort of Neubauer Fellows in Educational Leadership (Neubauer Fellows).

The latest cohort, the first since 2020, includes principals from 19 School District of Philadelphia schools, four charter schools and one faith-based school, bringing the total number of Neubauer Fellows to 152 since 2015 and reflects service to nearly 100,000 students in Philadelphia.

This year’s cohort also reflects the growing diversity of Philadelphia, with 63% people of color and 71% women.

“Neubauer Fellows are committed to serving students in Philadelphia, and 96 percent of Neubauer Fellows annually remain in educational leadership positions in the city,” said Tracy Breslin, executive director of Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders in a statement.

“We welcome our seventh cohort of Fellows and look forward to partnering with these talented principals to build on this solid foundation of success,” Breslin added.

The principals who have been named as 2022 Neubauer Fellows include: KaTiedra Argro, Commodore John Barry Elementary School; Tiffani Joi Blunt, Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School; Andrew Brooking, Thomas G. Morton Elementary School; David Cohen, Tanner G. Duckrey Public School; Nimet Eren, Kensington Health Sciences Academy; Erica M.Green, Russell H. Conwell Middle Magnet School; Dollette Johns-Smith, Morton McMichael School; Kahlila S. Johnson, Overbrook High School; Rodney Johnson, John Moffet Elementary School; Amanda Jones, The Honorable Luis Munoz-Marin Elementary School; Mary Libby, Chester A. Arthur School; David Lon, The Jules E. Mastbaum Area Vocational/Technical School; Tangela McClam, Lewis C. Cassidy Academics Plus School; David McDonough, St. James School; Leigh McLinden, George W. Sharswood Elementary School; Maggie McMillan, One Bright Ray Community High School; Brian Meadows, Thurgood Marshall School; Christie Parfitt, Jay Cooke Elementary School and Nichole Polk, Potter-Thomas School.

Heather Scheg, Mastery Charter – Clymer Elementary; Naeemah Seward, Mastery Charter – Hardy Williams High; Wendy Sharpe, Franklin S. Edmonds Elementary School; Shoshana Tyler, Global Leadership Academy Charter School West and Isaiah Walker, KIPP Philadelphia Preparatory Academy has also been named Neubauer Fellows.

“Each of the 24 principals selected for this cohort of Neubauer Fellows brings outstanding experiences and a strong track record of driving student outcomes,” said Latanya Barrett, program director at Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders in a statement.

“Over these next two years, our principals will have unique opportunities to build relationships with one another and strengthen their skills in critical ways,” Barrett said. “This leadership development work will allow Philadelphia families to have greater access to high-performing schools that prepare all students for college, career, and life.”

The Neubauer Fellowship is a two-year engagement that develops critical leadership skills needed to elevate school performance and student outcomes in principals’ schools and across the city.

Fellows receive best-in-class professional development and build relationships with a network of outstanding peers who share strategies and problem-solve with one another.

During the 2021-22 academic year, 89 Neubauer Fellows serve as principals and 27 serve as education system leaders.

Neubauer Fellows also led nine of 12 Philadelphia schools that received the prestigious National Blue Ribbon distinction in the last six years.

Thirty-seven Neubauer Fellows have been recognized with the Lindback Award for Distinguished Principals, now representing 75% of all Lindback award recipients in the last five years.

“The Neubauer Fellowship views principals as the CEOs of their schools, which is why leadership development is core to our mission,” said Joseph Neubauer board chair of Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders in a statement.

“For student success to meaningfully increase in Philadelphia, we must invest in our principals as leaders first, providing them with the necessary tools and experiences to make data-driven decisions and deliver measurable outcomes,” Neubauer added.

“We are proud of how all our Fellows continue to evolve and expand their leadership capacity, and we look forward to supporting our newest Fellows as they begin this journey.”

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