Tom Brady

Many refer to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). — AP Photo/Nick Wass

BOSTON — Tom Brady! I know Russell Wilson and you’re no Russell Wilson!

While I was recuperating for 10 days in the hospital last month from successful cancer surgery, Cheryl, a 25-year nursing veteran, commented, “Tom Brady doesn’t look right to me in the face.” When the local 6 o’clock news showed the daily footage of the New England Patriots’ practice from Foxborough, Massachusetts, I noticed something interesting. I too thought Brady appeared differently from what we’ve come to recognize as his normal easy-going self.

His demeanor that week before the Patriots’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens appeared strained. I thought, “he would love right now just to play football.”

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However his contract extension saga, Brady brand businesses, super model marriage under the microscope, million dollar mansion sale, and his genuine friendship and support for teammates no matter how long they remain on the 40 man roster, make that all but impossible. But let’s put the drama aside and talk football!

NFL 2019 week 11, Patriots versus the Philadelphia Eagles is a collision course. Both are coming off a bi-week, staring each other down after 14 days. The league schedule makers knew what they were doing. Common opponents thus far? Pats beat the Buffalo Bills by 6 in week 4. The Eagles beat the Bills by 18 in week 8.Eagles beat the Washington Redskins by 5 in week 1. The Pats beat the Redskins by 26 in week 5.

Good coaches studied the film and their team was victorious. Not much significance however for this weekend’s matchup, good coaches will be studying the film and their teams will be ready.

The key to this game will be motivation. There are 7 games remaining in the 16-game regular season. The Patriots are 8-1 in first place in the AFC East, 2 games in front of the Bills and tied with the 49ers for the league’s best record. The Pats will make the playoffs.

The Eagles at 5-4 are tied with Dallas Cowboys for first in the NFC East. They need to win each game. There is the drama for the Eagles. On the field unlike the Patriots with their off the field drama. Advantage Eagles.

Brady admits to primarily now striving for perfection. I prefer the on the field drama. As a kid growing up in Cleveland in the late 50’s early 60’s reading the late great sports writer Chuck Heaton’s daily Extra Points column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I loved his speculation and analysis regarding the upcoming Browns game. The best part of the week of course was when all the talking ceased and they just played football.

We all have drama in our lives. For some of us it is cancer. The NFL is truly on board in the fight against cancer. On a personal note, I thank all of you for your prayers and best wishes during my battle and for your encouragement to once again write about the Eagles and the Patriots. Thank God for those three and a half hours on a Sunday afternoon when we can rise above it all and enjoy a good ol’ football game.

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Jack Drewry is a Boston based Attorney and Adjunct Law Professor.

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