Josh Innes

Josh Innes

Stupid doesn’t begin to explain what 94 WIP-FM talk show host Josh Innes did this week to merit a three-day suspension.

Innes, who enjoys being a shock jock, used a scene from Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” movie and referred to Eagles center Jason Kelce as a “house negro” on Tuesday.

Kelce and Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin were attending the introductory press conference of new Eagles head coach Doug Pederson.

“There was a scene where Denzel’s doing the whole thing about the slave and the house negro? Right?” Innes said about the scene involving actor Denzel Washington. “And like, the house negro is the guy who’s gonna tell you like, oh, he gets to live in the big house with the boss and every time he refers to something that happens in the house it’s ‘Our house’ and ‘We’ and everything like that. And then there’s the actual slave that isn’t the house negro that’s just trying to run away.

“Essentially what you’re getting here is Jason Kelce is the house negro is what I’m trying to convey to you,” he said.

Innes later apologized, explaining: “I made a bad analogy, and for that I apologize. … Like literally I’m the dumbest human being on the planet.”

It seems that it’s now the norm to say something racially insensitive, realize it was a mistake and then apologize. Suddenly, everyone is supposed to forget what occurred and go on merrily.

Well here’s a flash and a fact, life isn’t a mulligan.

Innes’ juvenile remark resulted in a suspension off the WIP airwaves.

“Comments made by Josh Innes during his WIP-FM program yesterday in regards to Eagles center Jason Kelce were inappropriate and unacceptable,” the station said in a statement. “We do not condone or approve of those comments.”

No mention was made whether the suspension carried anything extra, such as mandatory attendance to a few racial sensitivity classes or a fine.

It’s sad that in a city the size of Philadelphia, there is not a daily radio sports talk show that features an African American who is not a former professional athlete. At first glance, the good ol’ boy network is working very well in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. Perhaps if that were not the case, incidents like Innes’ simple-minded gaffe would never have occurred.

Perhaps, if there was more inclusion on the airwaves, much of the drivel that is being spewed, wouldn’t exist.


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