Glenn Robinson III

Glenn Robinson III is back for another tour with the Sixers.


The last time Glenn Robinson III strolled through the Wells Fargo Center as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, he was sort of like a novelty item. That was back in 2015 when the Sixers were in a rebooting stage called “The Process” and the focus was centered on getting center Joel Embiid healthy.

Robinson III, who was a rookie, was a novelty because his dad, Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson Jr., played briefly with the Sixers.

Well, Robinson III is even more of a novelty because when the Sixers acquired Glenn Robinson III in a deal with the Golden State Warriors before the NBA trade deadline, it marked the second time the team picked the son of a former Sixers player. Never before has that happened in NBA history.

Other father-son team combinations include Henry and Mike Bibby with the New York Knicks; Rick and Brent Barry with the Houston Rockets; Ron and Ronnie Brewer with the Chicago Bulls; John and David Stockton with the Utah Jazz; Mike and Mike Dunleavy Jr. with the Milwaukee Bucks; Gary and Gary Payton II with the Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers; Larry and Larry Nance Jr. with the Cleveland Cavaliers; Doc and Austin Rivers with the Los Angeles Clippers; and Corey and Jae Crowder with the Jazz.

“I didn’t know anything about that,” Robinson said. “Wow.”

A major reason why Robinson III was brought in is his shooting. With the Warriors, he shot 40% from beyond the three-point line. He was averaging a career-high 12.9 points.

He has played in two games for the Sixers and has missed two 3-point attempts.

Glenn Robinson III is also a good defensive player and some may recall that he was the NBA Slam Dunk Champion in 2017.

“I’m just going to try and play and fit in as best as I can,” Robinson said. “It’s different here now than it was back then. This team is expected to win. I just want to be a part of it all. “ (215) 893-5746

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