It was an exciting year for Public League football. The number of great players throughout the league are reflected in the coaches’ All Public League team. The coaches selected the best players in each division. They also chose Most Valuable Players in each classification.

There are also three additional awards selected by the coaches. Ben Franklin High head coach David Carter was named coach of the year. Paul Mastropietro was chosen as the official of the year. West Philadelphia High running back Jarvis Cooper was selected as the Gary Butler Award winner for sportsmanship.

Class AAAA Liberty

Kevin Caldwell, quarterback, Ben Franklin, Sr.; Rapheal Rodriguez, wide receiver, Ben Franklin, Sr.; Javier Buffalo, wide receiver, Ben Franklin, Jr.; Brian Harvey, linebacker, Ben Franklin, Jr.; Taj Clea, tackle/defensive end, Ben Franklin, Sr.; Edward Dennis, running back/linebacker, Ben Franklin, Sr.; Nyfeece Ewell, linebacker, Ben Franklin, Jr.; Troy Conyers, tackle, Ben Franklin, Sr.; Nasir Boykin, quarterback, Martin Luther King, So.; Dominique McNeil, wide receiver, Martin Luther King, Sr.; Dawayne Young, defensive lineman, Martin Luther King, Sr.; Donte Terry, defensive back, Martin Luther King, Sr.; Paul Sanchez, running back, Martin Luther King, Sr.; Jayni Harris, wide receiver/linebacker, Martin Luther King, Sr.; Nate Sutton, defensive tackle, Martin Luther King, Jr.; Shawn Henderson, linebacker, George Washington, Sr.; Shareef Miller, defensive end, George Washington, Sr.; Qadir Cobbs, running back, George Washington, Sr.; Terry Hall, defensive back, George Washington, Sr.; Tavious Morgan, wide receiver, George Washington, Sr.; Brandon Brown, lineman/defensive lineman, George Washington, Sr.; Chris Schlegel, kicker, George Washington, Jr.; Charles Anderson, center/defensive tackle, Northeast, Sr.; Aiden Monaghan, tackle/defensive lineman, Northeast, Sr.; Gladimir Paul, defensive end, Northeast, Sr.; Travon Williams, wide receiver, Northeast, Sr.; Nasir Topping, lineman/defensive lineman, Roxborough, Sr.; Eduardo Sanchez, multipurpose, Roxborough, Sr.; Robert Taylor, linebacker, Roxborough, Sr.; Carlos Rivera, center/defensive lineman, Olney, Jr.; Sultan Johns, running back, Olney, Sr.; Kadir Chisholm, quarterback/defensive back, Olney, Sr.; Aaron Johnson, wide receiver/linebacker, Lincoln, Sr.; Theodore Tootle, tackle/defensive lineman, Lincoln, Sr.

Kevin Caldwell, Ben Franklin (MVP)

Class AAAA Independence

Raquan Thomas, tackle/defensive tackle, Simon Gratz, Jr.; Shawn Jenkins, linebacker, Simon Gratz, Jr.; Cameron Brown, tackle/defensive tackle, Simon Gratz, Jr.; Laquan Solomon, defensive tackle, Simon Gratz, Jr.; Jordan Chambers, center, Simon Gratz, Jr.; Luke White, running back, Simon Gratz, Jr.; Shawn Williams, defensive back, Simon Gratz, Sr.; Musa Al-Sulaimani, quarterback, Simon Gratz, Sr.; Makai Sheed, running back, Tyron Brown, lineman, Bartram, Sr.; Gary Grisson-Johnson, wide receiver, Bartram, Sr.; Answered Gleplay, running back, Bartram, Fr.; Ernest Mulbah, quarterback, Bartram, Sr.; Marquis Braxton, defensive back, Bartram, Sr.; Devontae Lee, defensive back/wide receiver, Frankford, Sr.; Byshawn Jenkins, defensive back, Frankford, Sr.; Danny Kornegay, punter/wide receiver/defensive back, Frankford, Sr.; Derrick Ellerson, center, Frankford, So.; Wesley White, athlete, Fels, So.; Quentin Busch, lineman/linebacker, Fels, Sr.; Darrell Robinson, lineman/defensive lineman, Fels, Sr.; Christian DaSilva, kicker/punter, Fels, Jr.; Nicholas Coffie, wide receiver/defensive back, Southern, Sr.; Casey Williams, running back/defensive end, Southern, Jr.; Kahssian Kay, quarterback, Southern, Jr.; Samid Williams, linebacker, Southern, Jr.; Wayne Christian, tackle/defensive tackle, Southern, Jr.; Derrick Mclean, quarterback/linebacker, Mastbaum, Jr.; Marquis Ross, lineman/defensive lineman, Mastbaum, Jr.; Yasier Mabery, lineman/fullback/linebacker, Mastbaum, Jr.; Jones Mensah, linebacker, Central, Sr.; Shafique Cooley, guard/defensive lineman, Central, Sr.; Jeff Johnson, lineman, Central, Sr.

Shawn Williams and Shawn Jenkins, Simon Gratz, Co-MVPs

Class AAA


Andre Dreuitt-Parks, quarterback, Imhotep Charter, Sr.; Donovan Crabbe, quarterback, Mastery North, Sr.; Troy Hester, quarterback, Boys’ Latin, Jr.; Isaiah Tann, running back, Mastery North, Sr.; Denniston “DJ” Moore, wide receiver, Imhotep Charter, Sr.; Damere Gilbert, wide receiver, Boys’ Latin, Sr.; Clifford Brinkley, wide receiver, Overbrook, So.; Naseir Upshur, tackle/wide receiver, Imhotep Charter, Jr.; Robert Nobles, lineman, School of the Future, Sr.; Yasir Durant, lineman, Imhotep Charter, Imhotep Charter, Sr.; Kwadere Fleming, lineman, West Philadelphia, Sr.; Antoine Williams, lineman, Imhotep Charter, Sr.; Christopher Hayles, lineman, Overbrook, Jr.; Nacier Wylie, lineman, Mastery North, Sr.; Johncarlo Valentin, lineman, Imhotep Charter, Jr.; Justin Hamilton, multipurpose, West Philadelphia, Sr.; Taqee Ross, multipurpose, Mastery North, Sr.; Dejason Ellis, kicker/punter, Mastery North, Jr.


Teair Tart-Spencer, lineman, West Philadelphia, Sr.; Mustafa Owens, lineman, West Philadelphia, Sr.; Johnny Brown, lineman, Dobbins, Fr.; Qwamere Wright-Downing, lineman, Imhotep Charter, Sr.; Dante Simms, lineman, Mastery North, Sr.; Javon Ogelsby-Rice, lineman, Boys’ Latin, Jr.; Shafiq Taylor, lineman, Overbrook, Sr.; Shaka Toney, linebacker, Imhotep Charter, Jr.; Diamir Copes, linebacker, Dobbins, Sr.; Devante Stuckey, linebacker, West Philadelphia, Sr.; Shaquille Jones, linebacker, Imhotep Charter, Sr.; Quinlin Lambert, linebacker, Mastery North, Sr.; Isaiah Freeman, linebacker, Mastery North, Sr.; Idris Mateen, defensive back, Mastery North, Quincy Fairy, defensive back, Overbrook, Sr.; Muhammad McCarter, defensive back, West Philadelphia, Sr.; Seifuddin Black, defensive back, Imhotep Charter, Sr.; Romeo Gunt, defensive back, Imhotep Charter, Sr.; Mike Crawford, defensive back, Imhotep Charter, So.

Tyliek Raynor, Imhotep Charter (MVP)

Class AA


Dontez Jolly, athlete, Palumbo, Sr.; Shayne Smith, quarterback, Delaware Valley Charter, Jr.; Quadir Strothers, running back, Prep Charter, Jr.; Nasir Bonner, running back, Delaware Valley Charter, Sr.; John Davis, wide receiver, Prep Charter, Jr.; Dwine Walls, wide receiver, Delaware Valley Charter, Sr.; Shaheed Brown, wide receiver, Delaware Valley Charter, Jr.; Kyree Ruffin, tight end, KIPP DuBois, Sr.; Macquel Hardy, tackle, Prep Charter, Sr.; Mikal Cherry, tackle, Delaware Valley Charter, Jr.; Yahmir Sterling, Strawberry Mansion, Sr.; Devon Humphrey, guard, Delaware Valley Charter, Jr.; Rand Williams, guard, Prep Charter, Sr.; Mike Brown, center, Prep Charter, Sr.


Karamo Dioubate, end, Prep Charter, Jr.; Amir Walker, end, Delaware Valley Charter, Sr.; Marcus Justice-Bryant, end, Prep Charter, Jr.; Deon Slocum, tackle, Palumbo, Sr.; Jyquan Owens, linebacker, Strawberry Mansion, Sr.; Davik Miller, linebacker, Delaware Valley Charter, Sr.; Davante’ Coney, linebacker, Prep Charter, Sr.; Elijah McCants, linebacker, Delaware Valley Charter, Sr.; John Shantz, defensive back, Prep Charter, Sr.; Kyree McCoy, defensive back, Delaware Valley Charter, Sr.; Desmont Pugh, defensive back, Delaware Valley Charter, Jr.; Vian Dolo, defensive back, Prep Charter, Sr..

Vian Dolo, Prep Charter (MVP)

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