Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. The photos tell the story. This is a good way to describe a book which has provided tremendous photo coverage of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

The book titled “They Must Fall: Muhammad Ali and the Men He Fought” by award winning photographer Michael Brennan includes some outstanding never-before-seen photos of Ali who is one of the greatest athletes of all time and one of the most prominent figures in the world.

The book has a number of photos of Ali along with several opponents of his from the ‘70s such as Larry Holmes, Floyd Patterson, George Foreman, Henry Cooper, Buster Mathis, Ken Norton, Leon Spinks, Chuck Wepner, Alvin Lewis and others.

For Philadelphia boxing fans, there’s a good section on Philly boxing greats Joe Frazier and Jimmy Young who fought Ali in his career. The book has some great photos of the Ali-Frazier fights. In 1971, Ali battled Frazier in what was called “the Fight of the Century.” Frazier won in 15 rounds, Ali’s first loss as a pro fighter after 31 victories.

Ali bounced back and defeated Frazier in a rematch in 1974. He also won the third fight between them, which was the famous “The Thrilla in Manila.” The book has a nice section on all of his opponents. There’s a terrific photo of Joe and his son, Marvis Frazier.

Young fought Ali in 1976. Ali defeated Young in a 15-round decision. There’s a great photo of Young and his son, Jason, on the steps of the Art Museum.

The book shows Ali training at Deer Lake, where has prepared for many of his big fights. These training sessions were well covered by the sports media.

There’s a special section on Ali in Retirement, which shows him outside the ring in different venues. The book highlights Ali’s boxing career and life outside the ring.

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