Penn State Maryland Basketball

Maryland forward Donta Scott drives to the basket against Penn State. — AP Photo/Julio Cortez

If you are a student-athlete, it’s always good to have plenty of information that can help in terms of going to college. Former Imhotep Charter star Donta Scott who is a key member of the University of Maryland’s basketball team has written a book titled “WIRED DIFFERENTLY: My School Journey” published by (Black Cager Press: $10.99). The book will be available for sale on Nov. 1, 2021.

A number of student-athletes from Philadelphia and other major cities around the country have failed to meet college admissions standards and NCAA freshman eligibility guidelines. Due to these circumstances, these young men and women are unable receive scholarship offers going from $160,000 to as much as $320,000 over four years.

These scholarships provide them with an opportunity to play sports and receive a college education that will help them build a bright future. Furthermore, these student-athletes particularly from urban communities are role models in their neighborhoods.

In his book, Scott, who helped to lead the Maryland Terrapins to the NCAA Tournament last season, helps young student-athletes and parents prepare for the high school and college recruitment and school selection process by giving them knowledge and experience to make good decisions.

There are some young people with learning differences are labeled as “behavior problems” or “bad kids.” At times, educators and family members don’t understand that many of the negative behaviors and academic performances fall below certain levels because of major anxiety and frustration in learning.

These youngsters frequently suffer feelings of depression, insecurity and low self-esteem that interfere with learning and academic progress. And because parents, high school coaches and AAU coaches occasionally place a lot of pressure on these student-athletes to achieve high SAT scores and maintain high GPAs (grade point averages), unaddressed learning differences can cause unhappiness and resentment on both sides.

With personal stories and good advice, Scott teaches student-athletes that learn differently, and their parents, how to navigate the high school and college recruitment and school selection processes. In "WIRED DIFFERENTLY," you will find practical guidelines on how to have conversations about some of the most challenging topics student-athletes face, including: balancing basketball and academics, understanding learning differences, choosing an appropriate high school and choosing the right college.

Scott was a big time player in the Philadelphia Public League. He led Imhotep Charter to three straight league and three Class 4A championships. Scott, a 6-foot-7, 230-pound junior forward, averaged 11.0 points and 5.9 rebounds a game last season.

Scott plans to mentor high school student-athletes and help them successfully transition to college when his college career is over.

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