Philadelphia Phillies’ Jean Segura

The Phillies’ Jean Segura is on the base paths last Saturday against the Miami Marlins in Philadelphia. The Phillies won 7-1, but almost 20 Marlins players and staff and two Phillies staff members have since tested positive for the coronavirus. — AP Photo/Chris Szagola

Major League Baseball’s worrying coronavirus outbreak spread into another clubhouse Friday when the St. Louis Cardinals’ game in Milwaukee was postponed after two Cardinals players tested positive for the virus.

Major League Baseball and the Milwaukee Brewers confirmed the postponement, which baseball said was “consistent with protocols to allow enough time for additional testing and contact tracing to be conducted.”

The game, which was to have been Milwaukee’s long-delayed home opener, was rescheduled as part of a doubleheader Sunday. The teams’ Saturday night game, however, will be played as scheduled, MLB said, though it said it would provide updates “as appropriate.”

The Cardinals-Brewers game is the third postponement on baseball’s Friday night schedule, following earlier ones involving the Miami Marlins, who were to play the Washington Nationals, and the Philadelphia Phillies, who were to host Toronto. The Marlins have had 18 players (including another Friday) and two staff members test positive this week; those cases have already upended baseball’s revised schedule.

For now, MLB hopes that the Cardinals and the Brewers can stage a doubleheader Sunday to make up Friday’s game, using the new rule for 2020 in which doubleheader games will last only seven innings.

But the three games postponed Friday mean that six teams — 20% of MLB’s 30 squads — have been idled by the virus. Two other teams, the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles, also have had games called off because of the cascading schedule changes as baseball strains to isolate the affected teams.

In an interview with MLB Network on Monday, baseball’s commissioner, Rob Manfred, expressed confidence that baseball would be able to manage the outbreaks and continue its season.

“We knew that we were going to have positives at some point in time,” Manfred said. “I remain optimistic that the protocols are strong enough that it will allow us to continue to play.”

The Phillies on Thursday became the second team, after the Marlins, to miss a full week of play when the league postponed scheduled games for this weekend after a Phillies coach and a clubhouse attendant received positive test results for the coronavirus.

The Marlins, who played three games in Philadelphia last weekend, have had 20 positive tests for the coronavirus within their traveling party, including 18 players. The team has remained in isolation in Philadelphia. No Phillies players are known to have tested positive.

The New York Times

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