There seems to be a lot of bright young talent playing baseball in the Public League this spring. The coaches’ All Public League baseball team has some great players who are seniors as well as some terrific underclassmen.

The coaches have selected Most Valuable Players and the top pitchers in each division. They have also chosen first and second teams as well.

Colonial Division

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First Team: Jordan Price, outfielder, Sankofa, Sr.; Douglas Ford, outfielder, Hill-Freedman, Fr.; Naseem Jones, outfielder, Hill-Freedman, Sr.; Cion Crawford, infielder, Dobbins, So.; Kevon Harris, infielder, West Philadelphia, Sr.; Shermere Coulston, infielder, West Philadelphia, Sr.; Alex AdesHigbin, first base, Hill-Freedman, Sr.; Chris Serrata, catcher, Hill-Freedman, So.; Tymeeier Wheeler, pitcher, Overbrook, Sr.; Micah Carra, pitcher, Hill-Freedman, Jr.; Wayne Stewart, pitcher, West Philadelphia, Sr.; Leon McKnight pitcher, Sankofa, Sr.; Zamaj Wallace, designated hitter, Overbrook, Jr.

Second Team: N’uuh Siddiq, outfielder, West Philadelphia, Jr.; Anthony Allen, outfielder, Overbrook, Sr.; Juvenal Adjaho, outfielder, West Philadelphia, Jr.; Oumane Fofana, infielder, Sankofa, Sr.; Nasir Minor, infielder, Overbrook, So.; J Gleaton, infielder, Hill-Freedman, Sr.; Nasir Marks, first base, Overbrook, So.; Elias Porter, catcher, West Philadelphia, Sr.; Darrell Washington, pitcher, Hill-Freedman, Jr.; Kahsir Williams, pitcher, School of the Future; Kahjeer Thomas, designated hitter, Dobbins, Fr.

MVP: Alex AdesHigbin, Hill Freedman

Pitcher of the Year: Wayne Stewart, West Philadelphia

Patriot Division

First Team: Sajir Hightower, outfielder, Maritime Academy, Jr.; Daniell Ortega, outfielder, Rush, Sr.; Jackson Trommer, outfielder, Tacony Academy, So.; Reyvan Ortuno, infielder, Tacony Academy, Fr.; Carlos Mercado, infielder, Simon Gratz, Sr.; Izaiah Zavala, infielder, Tacony Academy, Jr.; Christian Suarez, first base, Maritime Academy, Sr.; Matt Mariano, catcher, Rush, So.; John Urbach, pitcher, Tacony Academy, Sr.; Antonio Azcona, pitcher, Simon Gratz, Sr.; Kyle Desmond, pitcher, Tacony Academy, Sr.; Cid Navas, pitcher, Fels, Jr.; Daequon Ross, designated hitter, Simon Gratz, Jr.

Second Team: Craig Copeland, outfielder, Simon Gratz, Jr.; Alex Rodriguez, outfielder, Maritime Academy, Fr.; Robert Darwin, infielder, Maritime Academy, So.; David Salamon, catcher, Rush, Sr.; Sincere Delarge, pitcher, Roxborough, Jr.; Sean Simon, pitcher, Rush, Sr.; Ryan Sonntag, designated hitter, Rush, Jr.

MVP: Jackson Trommer, Tacony Academy

Pitcher of the Year: Antonio Azcona, Simon Gratz

Independence Division

First Team: Ray Arias, outfielder, Esperanza, Sr.; Eric Watkins, outfielder, Central, Sr.; George Castro, outfielder, Frankford, Jr.; Blake Mayberry, infielder, Central, Sr.; Rico Lugo, infielder, Frankford, Sr.; Cesar Castro, infielder, Frankford, Jr.; Vincent Rdesinski, first base, Franklin Towne Charter, Jr.; Avi Cantor, catcher, Science Leadership Academy, Sr.; Brooks Ey, pitcher, Central, Jr.; Elias Gomez, pitcher, Olney, Jr.; Abenego Santos, pitcher, Frankford, Jr.; Luis Ramos, pitcher, Frankford, Sr.; Darlyn Uceta, designated hitter, Frankford, Jr.

Second Team: Richard Beggy, outfielder, Central, So.; Nicholas Loranger, outfielder, Franklin Towne Charter, Sr.; Ramses Mendez, outfielder, Olney, Jr.; Justin Toledo, infielder, Esperanza, Sr.; Cam Simms, infielder, Science Leadership Academy, So.; Jose Rivera, first base, Olney, So.; Richard Hernandez, catcher, Lincoln, Sr.; Bryant Baez, pitcher, Esperanza, Sr.; David Ortiz, pitcher, Central, Sr.; Elvin Campos, pitcher, Olney, So.; Karim Mullen, pitcher, Science Leadership Academy, So.; David White, designated hitter, Central, Sr.

MVP: Blake Mayberry, Central

Pitcher of the Year: Abenego Santos, Frankford

Liberty Division

First Team: Zion Spearman, outfielder, Kensington, Sr.; Elias Meredith, outfielder, Constitution, Sr.; Jordon Bingham, outfielder, GAMP, Sr.; Lucas Valentin, infielder, Northeast, Jr.; Christopher Castro, infielder, Northeast, Fr.; Jean Vargas, infielder, Kensington, Jr.; Kristian Ramos, first base, GAMP, Sr.; Jacob Rivera, catcher, Kensington, Sr.; Fred O’Rourke, pitcher, Constitution, Sr.; Erik Lipson, pitcher, GAMP, Jr.; Phil Jacolow, pitcher, Constitution, Sr.; Luke Redding, pitcher, George Washington, Sr.; Louis Beltre, designated hitter, George Washington, Sr.

Second Team: Christian Vazquez, outfielder, Northeast, Sr.; Nathan Evans, outfielder, Northeast, So.: Russel Volosov, infielder, George Washington, Jr.; Eric Rivera, infielder, George Washington, Jr.; Damian Hammond, infielder, GAMP, Sr.; Brian Torres, infielder, Constitution, Sr.; Jacob Rodriguez, first base, Constitution, Sr.; Eric Blackwell, outfielder, Constitution, Jr.; Daniel Pilmente, pitcher, Kensington, So.; Shawn Nolde, pitcher, Swenson, So.; Amir Hatchett, pitcher, Constitution, Sr.; Jacob Ramos, pitcher, Northeast, Sr.; Edgardo Carabballo, designated hitter, GAMP, Sr.

MVP: Fred O’Rourke, Constitution

Pitcher of the Year: Erik Lipson, GAMP

American Division

First Team: Kyrell Smith, outfielder, Saul, Sr.; Anthony Camerota, outfielder, Southern, Jr.; Sulieman Pollard, outfielder, Bartram, Sr.; Jaedin Sem, infielder, Southern, Fr.; Isaiah Tinsley Cobb, infielder, SLA Beeber, Fr.; Myles Johnson, infielder, Engineering & Science, Sr.; Jabril Pollard, first base, Bartram, Jr.; Albert Melendez-Lahoz, catcher, Edison, Fr.; Juan Veloz-Rodriguez, pitcher, Edison, Jr.; Ellis Uhl, pitcher, SLA Beeber, So.; Mohammed Imon, pitcher, Engineering & Science, Sr.; Jeff Lutz-Lapera, pitcher, Saujl, Sr.; Yohan Cruz, designated hitter, Edison, Jr.

Second Team: Joe Girnius, outfielder, Saul, Sr.; Colin Fegely, outfielder, SLA Beeber, So.; Geovany Reyes, outfielder, Engineering & Science, Sr.; Janiya Victor, infielder, Bartram, So.; Jackson Torres-Sanchez, infielder, Edison, Jr.; Jordon Rivers, infielder, Saul, Jr.; Alexander Padilla, first base, Southern, So.; Ricardo Zambrano, catcher, Southern, Jr.; James Gallagher, pitcher, Engineering & Science, Jr.; Raphael Gutierrez, pitcher, Engineering & Science, Jr.; Elvin Cruz, pitcher, Saul, So.; Keven Alverio, pitcher, Edison, Sr.; Haakim Peay, designated hitter, SLA Beeber, Jr.

MVP: Albert Melendez-Lahoz, Edison

Pitcher of the Year: Juan Veloz-Rodriguez, Edison

National Division

First Team: Christian Bergman, outfielder, Philadelphia Academy Charter, Sr.; Cristian Martinez, outfielder, Ben Franklin, Jr.; Daniel Kile, outfielder, Prep Charter, Jr.; Melvin Fermin, infielder, Franklin Learning Center, Sr.; Alex Escalera, infielder, Mariana Bracetti, Jr.; Mark Moore, infielder, Prep Charter, Sr.; Joe Engart, first base, Philadelphia Academy Charter, Sr.; David Anaya, catcher, Boys’ Latin, Jr.; Heriberto Bahamonde Jr., pitcher, Franklin Learning Center, Sr.; Josh Walden, pitcher, Boys’ Latin, Sr.; Jableek Fisher, pitcher, Bodine, Sr.; Cameron Enz, pitcher, Philadelphia Academy Charter, Sr.; Malachi Pippen, designated hitter, Boys’ Latin, Jr.

Second Team: Jose Luna, outfielder, Marianna Bracetti, Jr.; Hector Pena Morel, outfielder, Franklin Learning Center, Sr.; Devyn Acosta, outfielder, Bodine, So.; Paul Green, infielder, Franklin Learning Center, Jr.; Robert Wharton, infielder, Boys’ Latin, So.; Tyonn Gilliams, infielder, Boys’ Latin, Jr.; Richard Kofa, first base, Bodine, So.; Mike McQuilken, catcher, Prep Charter, Jr.; Nathaniel Alicea, pitcher, Marianna Bracetti, Jr.; Abdul Johnson, pitcher, Prep Charter, So.; Frank Wood, pitcher, Philadelphia Academy Charter, So.; Mohammed Diawara, pitcher, Boys’ Latin, Sr.; Dylan Ramsey, designated hitter, Philadelphia Academy Charter, Sr.

MVP: Heriberto Bahamonde Jr., Franklin Learning Center

Pitcher of the Year: Cameron Enz, Philadelphia Academy Charter (215) 893-5719

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