City’s All-Public teams announced

Boys’ Latin star Maurice Watson, left, was named the Public League’s Most Valuable Player this season. — PHOTO/BILL ACHUFF

The Philadelphia Public League put together its all-league team, which features some of the city’s best high school basketball players. The coaches have selected a first, second and third team in each division along with honorable mention.

They also selected Most Valuable Players in each division. The coaches picked an overall MVP as well. Maurice Watson was the league’s MVP overall. Watson led Boys’ Latin to the league championship game. He scored 2,265 career points. He recently passed basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain as the league’s second leading scorer.

Savon Goodman was the MVP for Division A. Goodman led Constitution High to the league championship two weeks ago. Tahjere McCall, Engineering and Science standout, was chosen as the MVP of Division B. Shaquille Bowman, Esperanza’s big man, was selected MVP in Division C. Nadir Matthews, Bodine High School for International Affairs, was named MVP in Division D. Matthews led the league in scoring. He averaged 28.8 points a game. Larry Webster, Parkway West’s backcourt ace, received MVP honors in Division E.

There are a number of seniors named to the all-league. However, there are some terrific underclassmen, too.


First team: Savon Goodman, Constitution, 6-foot-7, senior; Maurice Watson, Boys’ Latin, 5-foot-10, senior; Daiquan Walker, Constitution, 6-foot-2, senior; Rysheed Jordan, Vaux, 6-foot-4, junior; Jeremiah Worthem, Math, Civics & Sciences, 6-foot-6, junior.

Second team: Brandon Austin, Imhotep Charter, 6-foot-6, junior; Hakeem Baxter, Philadelphia Electric, 6-foot-2, junior; Khyree Wooten, Imhotep Charter, 6-foot-2, senior; Imire Taylor, Frankford, 5-foot-11, senior; David George, Philadelphia Electric, 6-foot-8, senior.

Third team: Malik Starkes, Math, Civics & Sciences, 6-foot-4, junior; James Cole, Vaux, 6-foot-4, senior; Yahmir Greenlee, Boys’ Latin, 5-foot-9, junior; Jai Williams, Philadelphia Electric, 6-foot-9, junior; Gary Gordon, Bartram, 6-foot-3, senior.

Honorable Mention: Terrell Parker, Communications Tech, senior; Carlos Taylor, Boys’ Latin, senior; Malakiah Hunter, Southern, senior; Louis Myers, Southern, sophomore; Terrieck Williams, Bartram, junior.


First team: Tahjere McCall, Engineering and Science, 6-foot-3, senior; Nijay Kelly, Fels, 6-foot-3, senior; Marquise Richards, Paul Robeson, 5-foot-11, senior; Jahyde Gardiner, Freire Charter, 6-foot-5, junior; Diante Lunsford, University City, 5-foot-9, senior.

Second team: Karon Keene, Strawberry Mansion, 6-foot-4, senior; Michael Bowlers, Lincoln, 6-foot-7, senior; Kendale Truitt, George Washington, 6-foot-3, junior; Fateem Brockington, Delaware Valley, 5-foot-10, senior; Nafece Edwards, George Washington, 6-foot-4, junior.

Third team: Dijon Eggleton, Engineering and Science, 6-foot-2, senior; Dequan Jackson, Dobbins, 6-foot-3, junior; Khayri King, Delaware Valley, 6-foot-3, senior; TJ Scott, Fels, 6-foot-2, senior; Donte Watkins, West Philadelphia, 6-foot-1, senior.

Honorable Mention: Brandon Jiles, Fitzsimons, junior; Troy Steed, Franklin Learning Center, junior; Carlton Wright, Freire Charter, senior; Richard Lemon, Paul Robeson, senior; Desmond Sams, West Philadelphia, senior.


First team: Shaquille Bowman, Esperanza, 6-foot-6, senior; Demetrius Davenport, Palumbo, 6-foot-2, senior; Mike Sturdivant, Masterman, 5-foot-11, junior; Kyle Lafferty, Central, 6-foot-1, junior; Deryl Bagwell, Northeast, 6-foot-1, junior.

Second team: Luis Cirilo, Bracetti, 6-foot-1, senior; Gary Bryant, Masterman, 6-foot-1, junior; Gerald Scott, Martin Luther King, 6-foot, senior; Sharif Saunders, Ben Franklin, 5-foot-9, senior; Tramayne Brooks, Hope Charter, 6-foot-5, senior.

Third team: Quamier Johnson, World Communications, 6-foot, sophomore; William Leak, Martin Luther King, 6-foot-2, junior; Nafis Streeter, Martin Luther King, 6-foot-4, senior; Qaadir Nock, Audenried, 5-foot-10, junior; Yusef Savage, Northeast, 6-foot-4, senior.

Honorable Mention: James Harrison, Overbrook, senior; Khalil Keel, Esperanza, senior; Mike Foster, Mastery North, junior; Juawann Mason, Audenried, senior; Darius Moore, World Communications, sophomore; Shakeem Stevens, Olney, sophomore.


First team: Nadir Matthews, Bodine, 5-foot9, senior; Eugene Lett, Randolph, 5-foot-7, senior; Ikeem Dickerson, Sayre, 6-foot-6, senior; Sean McLean, Bok, 6-foot-3, senior; Stanley Whittaker, Mastbaum, 5-foot-10, junior.

Second team: Samson Akano, Roxborough, 6-foot-2, senior; Hakim Williams, Sayre, 5-foot-10, senior; Jamie Betancourt, Kensington, 6-foot, junior; DJ Alexander, Lamberton, 6-foot, junior; I-Meir Martin, Bok, 6-foot-4, senior.

Third team: Jamier Cross, Carroll, 6-foot, sophomore; Jay Hardy, Swenson, 6-foot-4, senior; Anthony Fagan, Lamberton, 5-foot-11, junior; Jessi Carrasquillo, Edison, 5-foot-7, junior; Ravi Sinanan, Mastbaum, 6-foot-2, junior.

Honorable Mention: Josh Collins, Roxborough, senior; Steve Smith, Franklin Towne, junior; Deontae Richardson, Randolph, junior; Jamir Leach, Mastery South, sophomore; Deonte West, Bok, junior.


First team: Larry Webster, Parkway West, 5-foot-10, senior; Keenon Johnson, New Media, 6-foot-3, senior; Quamir White, Palmer Academy, 6-foot-6, senior; Tobias Stokes, Girard Academic Music Program, 5-foot-9, junior; Harris Griffin, Elverson, 6-foot-2, senior.

Second team: Nadif Bracey, Science Leadership, 6-foot-3, senior; Joe Flynn, Philadelphia Academy, 6-foot, junior; Luis Martinez, Sankofa, 6-foot, sophomore; Shahiyd Tilghman-Bullock, Douglas, 6-foot-2, junior; Donte Winfield, Palmer Academy, 5-foot-11, junior.

Third team: Eric Moody, New Media, 6-foot-1, senior; Sam Kabangai, SL, 6-foot, senior; Mike Lauer, High School for Creative and Performing Arts, 6-foot-1, senior; Malik Burbage, Palmer Academy, 5-foot-11, senior; Two Osis, Elverson, 6-foot-1, junior.

Honorable Mention: Jeff Williford, Girard Academic Music Program, sophomore; Ikeal Johnson, Elverson, junior; Will Madden, Rush, junior; Aaron Ball, PA, senior.


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