There are a host of great players on the coaches’ All Public League baseball team. In taking a look at the selections, there is a solid group of terrific baseball players throughout the city.

The coaches selected the top players in each division. In addition, a Most Valuable Player was chosen in each division as well.

Independence DivisionFirst Team: Jett Flaxman, Central; Tristan Mayberry, Science Leadership Academy; Nathan Evans, Northeast; Elvin Campos, Olney; Richard Beggy, Central; Vince Cammisa, Science Leadership Academy; Jose Rivera, Olney; Cam Simms, Science Leadership Academy; Braylin Reynoso, Olney; Karim Mullen, Science Leadership Academy; Jaedin Sem, Constitution; Michael Bieber, Frankford; Evan Holahan, Central

Second Team: Daniel Pimentel-Ramirez, Kensington; Reuben Gantt, Esperanza; Jaden Mitchell, Science Leadership Academy; Jakob Cantor, Science Leadership Academy; Edwin Hernandez, Olney; Christopher Castro, Northeast; Lesesander Rodriguez, Northeast; James Germosen, Olney; John Wing, Northeast; Milton James, Central; Cesar Castillo, Esperanza; Owen Woodward, Central; Douglas Bieber, Frankford

MVP — Jose Rivera, Olney

Liberty DivisionHarry Geiss, Philadelphia Academy Charter; Justin Boyd, String Theory; Chris Valerio, String Theory; Michael Renshaw, Saul; Angel Mejia, String Theory; Justin DiMaio, Philadelphia Academy Charter; Ryan Wexler, Philadelphia Academy Charter; Antoine Davis, Boys’ Latin; Josh Keen, Philadelphia Academy Charter; Gavin Boyd, String Theory; Jeffrey Hernandez, String Theory; Blaise Rago, String Theory

MVP — Jeffrey Hernandez, String Theory

National DivisionFirst Team: Remy Milroy, Bodine; Surveer Sahil, Engineering & Science; Victor Nordof, Masterman; Richard Kota, Bodine; Aiden Greene, Engineering & Science; William Taylor, Masterman; Jude Staples, Masterman; Christian Serrata, Hill Freedman; Doug Ford, Hill Freedman; Devyn Acosta, Bodine; Tony Mejia-Cuba, Engineering & Science; Oliver Dmochowski, Masterman; Gabe Lopata, Masterman

MVP — William Taylor, Masterman

American DivisionFirst Team: Saadiq Baylor, Sankofa; Alexander Rodriguez, Maritime; Nasir Marks, Overbrook; Tyrell Johnson, Freire Charter; Marc Lloyd, Freire Charter; Carlos Rivera, West Philadelphia; Luke Gumienny, Maritime; Mekhi Moultrie, West Philadelphia; Eric Lewis, Overbrook; Ismael Rameriz, Sankofa; Jeffrey Gonzalez, Maritime; Ja’Shawn Jackson, Overbrook; Thaddeus Goode, Freire Charter

MVP — Luis Arroyo, Maritime

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