Dr. Paul Hopkins spoke on overall health and well-being at the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convetion fundraiser at Grace Baptist Church.


The Ebola crisis is still affecting many countries in West Africa. So, an ecumenical group of churches in Northwest Philadelphia came together to raise additional funds for the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention recently. The most recent drive took the form of a Germantown Community Church Worship Service fundraiser at the Grace Baptist Church of Germantown, 25 W. Johnson St. on Wednesday, Nov. 26.

Conversely, the Community Enrichment Fitness Network (CEFN) held its own pre-Thanksgiving event centered on healing the body. They brought together many health enthusiasts, faith-based organizations and holistic vendors for a holistic and healing fair that took place at the 7165 Lounger, 7165 Germantown Ave. on Wednesday, Nov. 19.

At the former, the guest speaker for the event was the Rev. George Smith, pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Nicetown. All proceeds were earmarked for the Lott Carey’s Foreign Missions, according to the Rev. Quintin L. Robertson, interim pastor and presiding minister at Grace Baptist.

“This is being hosted by most of the area churches in Germantown,” Robertson said. “It is our pre-Thanksgiving Day service to assist those affected by the Ebola crisis via the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention. This offering is given in loving memory of Mrs. Jones, the former first lady of Grace Baptist Church of Germantown.”

There were many pastors scheduled for the pre-Thanksgiving service. They included the Rev. Bruce Alick, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Germantown; the Rev. Derick Brennan, pastor of Canaan Baptist Church in Germantown and the Rev. Ernest Flores, pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Germantown. Additional the Rev. Andrew Foster, pastor of Janes Memorial United Methodist Church and the Rev. Ronald King Hill, pastor of Corinthian Baptist Church also participated.

Furthermore, the Rev. Melvin McAllister, pastor of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church in Germantown, and the Rev. Alyn Waller, pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church were scheduled to participate. Enon has two campuses located in Germantown and Mount Airy.

The latter focused on health issues closer to home. Featured speakers were Johnetta Frazier, one of CEFN’S television checks, and Dr. Paul Hopkins. While Frazier focused on the important of water, strategic buffet eating during the holidays, and how to avoid overeasting, the physician focused on overall health and well-being. Hopkins’ presentation was entitled “Balancing the Key of Life.”

Music at this event was provided by Brett Jolly and Friends. Musician Al Chestnut also performed during the program.

“We were focused on the importance of making healthier food choices in their diet to ward off chronic degenerative disease and information to live healthier,” said Sherry Hill, CEFN’s director. “I was very excited that the attendees found our presenters information powerful and life changing.”

For more information about CEFN call 215-858-4957 or visit For more information about the Lott Carey BFM Convention call 215-438-3215.

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