The motto of Ambassador Seed of Love Church is found in Psalms 118: 17, which says: “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”

And as part of the church’s works, they have a weekly community service project in which they feed over 1,500 families. Pastor Edward Fields says the church has managed to pivot its food giveaway and its services by “just consulting God.”

Fields describes his church as “vibrant, charismatic and joyful” and it is known for its heavy presence on social media platforms.

Fields notes the church’s nickname: “The home of the green carpet.” Many of those watching online what he calls “exuberant services” gave Ambassador that name as congregants praise the Lord on the church’s signature green carpet.

Fields leads the almost 200 congregants, which during the coronavirus pandemic is slowly and cautiously returning to in-person services.

The pandemic hit the church very close to home as well. The church’s founder, Mother Hennie Mae Washington, died of COVID-19 at 89 in December.

“She was a very ecumenical woman,” Fields says. “It was a huge loss of a great woman.” Her services were held at The Met in January. He noted that Washington, who started the church in 1990, was also an astute businesswoman who owned a flowershop.

Washington also put her words of wisdom into a book called “Moments With Mother: An Inspirational Guide For Your Everyday Spiritual Development.” This volume contains excerpts from “Message of the Week” and “Spiritual Alerts” written by Washington and shared with the world via social media. Though written more than a decade ago, her words of wisdom are still applicable.

Fields says he’s confident his church will stay strong as things begin to open back up and the community starts to get past the pandemic.

“We followed the city’s protocols and have services on Facebook Live, YouTube and Instagram,” he says. Fields added that they are only allowing 50 people into the church at a time. “We have to maintain social distancing during worship, too. We believe you can still praise God while following protocols.”

Fields says that the church attracts people of all ages and during the pandemic, it continues to do so.

“It’s a multigenerational church,” he says. “You have to be cautious when you tend to older people in the church.”

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