While we all get bored from time to time, it’s important to know that chronic boredom may be bad for health, as experts have found it can be associated with depression, anxiety and even bad habits like smoking and overeating.

To explore new hobbies and interests, while giving yourself the tools to combat boredom now and in the future, check out these ideas to get your brain going.

• Learn to play a song: With today’s digital instruments, such as Casio Keyboards CT-X700, you can learn to play your favorite song in an afternoon, no matter what your experience level is. Its lesson system displays proper fingering and notation, and a six-track recorder makes it easy to capture your creation.

• Host a book club: Pick a book you’ve been meaning to read and invite friends to join you in reading and discussing it. This can turn into a monthly tradition, with a different host each selecting the book each meeting.

• Host a gaming tournament: Invite friends over for a gaming tournament — just be sure you have the best possible visuals with your home theater. With projector options that sense ambient brightness in the room and adjust accordingly – like the LampFree XJ-F210WN from Casio’s Advanced Series line — you can make a day of it with stunning visuals in any lighting conditions.

• Express yourself: Pick up a pen, set a timer and just start writing. Don’t overthink it. When the timer buzzes, you may find you have the opening of a novel, a poem or song lyrics. Writing prompts, available online, can help you get started.

• Make math fun: Learning math shouldn’t be a bore. Use a scientific calculator to play online math games or invent your own. For example, the fx-991EX scientific calculator’s high-resolution LCD screen allows for more information for applications like spreadsheets and 4X4 matrix calculations.

• Jump-start a pick-up game: You don’t need to join a formal team or have lots of equipment to enjoy athletic competition. Call a few buddies and head to a local field for a pick-up game of soccer or two-hand touch football for some on the fly sportsmanship.

• Explore nature: Make more of your next nature walk, using new tools, such as the PRG600YB-2, a timepiece that includes a direction sensor for compass readings, pressure sensor for altimeter and barometer readings and a thermo sensor for temperature. Its solar power technology means fewer battery changes and its water resistance up to 100 meters means you can safely venture into unchartered waters.

When boredom sets in, remember, there are abundant ways to combat it at home, in your backyard and beyond.

— (StatePoint)

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