Memphis voters return incumbent to mayor’s office

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Jim Strickland, the mayor of Memphis, Tennessee, likes to say the city has momentum.

Voters appear to agree with him.

Strickland won a big victory Thursday for the opportunity to lead the soulful Mississippi River city for another four years. He soundly defeated several other mayoral candidates, including Willie Herenton, the city’s first elected Nlack mayor, and Tami Sawyer, a social activist.

Herenton and Sawyer conceded the race to Strickland on Thursday night.

The race came at an important time for Memphis, a majority-black city still grappling with economic and social inequities that existed when the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated there in 1968. The downtown area has shown signs of rebirth in recent years, with businesses moving in and new hotels planned. But neighborhoods just beyond still suffer from much of the same persistent woes King confronted a half century ago.

Strickland, 55, was a City Council member before he was elected in 2015 as the first white mayor in nearly 25 years in the majority Black city.

Mali raises death toll to 38 in insurgent attacks

BAMAKO, Mali — The defense ministry says the death toll from two attacks against Malian members of a regional counterterror force has risen to 38.

Gen. Dahirou Dembele said late Thursday that it was the biggest loss the G5 Sahel force had recorded since its creation in 2017. He said another 33 soldiers are missing.

The government earlier reported 25 dead and 60 missing.

— Compiled from The Associated Press

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks in central Mali near the Burkina Faso border, though the G5 Sahel force commander has blamed the al-Qaida-linked Ansarul Islam.

Assailants rode into the community of Boulikessi with heavy weaponry overnight Sunday to Monday to attack a Malian battalion of the regional force. Around the same time, armed men attacked another army camp in Mondoro.

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