Alabama officer convicted of manslaughter in shooting

OZARK, Ala. — A jury on Friday convicted a white police officer of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed Black man in 2016.

Jurors returned the verdict against Montgomery police officer Aaron Cody Smith on the lesser charge in the shooting death of 58-year-old Gregory Gunn, according to reports from news outlets. Prosecutors had charged Smith with murder.

Smith shot and killed Gunn after he fled during a pat-down. Gunn was stopped for a random stop and frisk as he was walking home about 3 a.m.

South Africa’s airline reaches deal to end strike

JOHANNESBURG — The troubled state-owned airline says flights will resume as normal over the weekend after it reached a deal with unions to end a weeklong strike.

South African Airways on Friday said it reached an agreement with the South African Cabin Crew Association and the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa. The unions announced the strike shortly after the airline said it was launching a restructuring process that could affect nearly 950 employees.

The deal includes a 5.9% increase, lower than the 8% desired by the union.

IBM computer debates itself in demonstration of wits

CAMBRIDGE, England — Cambridge University, home to the world’s oldest debating society, was the setting Thursday night for a demonstration of what the future might hold. IBM’s Project Debater, a robot that has already debated humans, was for the first time being pitted against itself.

After first pitting the technology against a human last year, IBM challenged it to present opposing arguments, in a display of its latest advances.

— Compiled from The Associated Press

Artificial intelligence “will not be able to make a decision that is the morally correct one, because morality is unique to humans,” the computer system said in a synthetic and vaguely feminine voice.

Then, the machine switched sides, delivering the opposing team’s argument.

Artificial intelligence “will be a great advantage as it will free up more time from having to do mundane and repetitive tasks,” it said, its voice embodied by a blue waveform on a screen set into a two-meter-tall sleek black monolith-like pillar.

Audience at the society, which has hosted notable figures including British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the Dalai Lama and Microsoft founder Bill Gates over its 200-year history, were spellbound by the discussion.

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