Berigora's handcrafted copper water bottles combat bacteria and are environmentally friendly

KELOWNA, BC, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - Stainless steel and glass water bottles provide the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. If we do not frequently clean these bottles, we will ingest loads of bacteria. Did you know copper combats bacteria by nature? Hospitals are even starting to incorporate copper into their equipment and facilities as a result. Berigora's pure copper water bottles exploit these germ-fighting properties.

But why pure copper? Copper has many benefits: It is an essential trace mineral for cell growth and other bodily functions, it enriches water with ions, and it fights bacteria. It's perfect for cold season! We can also reduce plastic consumption by switching to a reusable copper water bottle.

Isn't copper toxic? Anything that's over-consumed may become toxic. The recommended daily intake of copper is 2mg. Toxicity occurs at 200 times that! Our bottles only released a maximum of 0.5mg over an eight-hour period. Use only water in our bottles to experience the benefits - adding acidic fruits or other beverages can cause excessive leaching of copper.

How to choose the right copper water bottle? Berigora was created because many copper water bottles use lacquer coating, plated copper, or simply not a pure copper alloy. We use high-grade, pure copper. You can tell an authentic copper water bottle by the way it oxidizes. The outer surface will oxidize after the first day - in time it will develop a beautiful patina, just like the Statue of Liberty!

Where can I get one? Our bottles are available on Amazon. Click here to purchase (also available in Canada ). They are handcrafted and take time to create, so make sure you grab one before they sell out!

About Tanner Cartier: Tanner is the founder of Berigora - "I used to battle anxiety and depression, but through a natural, yogic lifestyle, my life completely changed. I enjoy a daily meditation practice and, believe it or not, the idea of informing people about copper came to me during meditation. I have used my bottle for over a year now. I fill it up before bed and drink it in the morning - it tastes crisp and refreshing. My mission in life is to inspire people - through awareness of our mind and body, we can really change our lives."

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