The nation’s oldest Black newspaper unveiled its annual list of Philadelphia’s Most Influential African Americans on Thursday during an evening ceremony for hundreds of attendees at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The Philadelphia Tribune honored more than 150 prestigious men and women in the gala event, which included the Most Influential, 10 Under 40, Movers and Shakers and Leaders.

“The Philadelphia Tribune is celebrating its 130th anniversary,” said Tribune President and CEO Robert W. Bogle. “This milestone is a testament to our rich and glorious history as the oldest continuously-published newspaper in this nation, which reflects the African-American experience. No one in this country has done what this newspaper has done to exemplify the needs, accomplishments and the things that have made them an integral part of this nation.”

Ahmeenah Young and Rev. Marshall Mitchell, pastor of Salem Baptist Church of Jenkintown, co-hosted the powerhouse event that welcomed over 500 people, including Mayor Michael Nutter.

“It is a great honor to be here, one not only as the mayor of this great city but as an African American,” Nutter said. “Black lives do matter for everyone. So, in our community in particular, we need to stop killing each other. And then, people like yourself and others can do something about what the police do or how they interact with our citizens with better training, more sensitivity and better judgement, but honestly it would help if folk would stop shooting or fighting with our police officers.

“At the same time, our police department and every police department across the United States of America has to understand that our unarmed citizens have rights too. And, if you’re not in danger in a life-threatening way, then you need to figure out a different way to engage with people out on the streets of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Ferguson or anywhere else — police community relations are very, very important because that is how we are all going to get along in society. So, Black Lives do matter — and Black service matters.”

On Sunday, The Tribune will publish a special edition of Tribune Magazine, featuring the list of individuals who have made an impact throughout the region. The list includes elected officials, education leaders, businesspersons, community activists and labor leaders.

“The Philadelphia Tribune has served the African-American community for 130 years,” said Tribune Magazine Editor Shonda McClain. “For more than a century, we have recognized those in our community who make things work and celebrate them in the pages of our newspaper and magazines. This year, we continue the tradition of shining a light on African-American leaders in Philadelphia who strive for excellence and continue to move the city forward.

“We have compiled a list of the ‘Most Influential African Americans’ in Philadelphia, as well as ‘Movers and Shakers’ and ‘Leaders,’” she added. “We have also identified a group of dynamic young stars who are blazing a trail of their own the ‘10 People Under 40 to Watch in 2015.’ These talented individuals lead by example, have a passion for excellence and have the ability to inspire. Through their innovation and sense of commitment to the communities they serve, they have become change agents, creating a better environment for Philadelphians to live and work.”

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