Carver High teaches skills for tomorrow

Senior Kiana Bland, right, talks to librarian Brenda Maiden. — PHOTO BY ABDUL R. SULAYMAN/TRIBUNE CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER

Producing Philadelphia college bound scholars is just one job of George Washing Carver High School for Engineering and Sciences. The other is producing future leaders in engineering and sciences — scientists and doctors, well rounded and ready for the world.

“The workload here is definitely challenging; no grade on a test or subject we’re taking is easy, but everything we’re learning is preparing us for our future,” said senior Kiana Bland. “You learn very early how to balance your work out, but my experience here have paid off tremendously. I’ve already been accepted to Arcadia. I also want my major to pre-forensics. Going to Carver has made easier to figure out a plan for me future.”

Carver High is a magnet school with a curriculum that specializes in science and technology. Nearly 100 percent of students at Carver go on to college. Students also receive about $9.6 million in scholarships including Gates Millennium and QuestBridge scholars. The school also hosts a college fair every year with over 65 collegiate representatives, some even offering on-site admissions. There are currently 725 students attending the school.

“Carver is a really good high school,” said junior Steven Snipes. “The opportunities we receive are endless. Everything that we learn here is preparing us for college and the real world. Everybody here works really hard and is very dedicated. We’re the innovators of the future.”

Engineering classes offered at the school include: Principles of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Biotechnical Engineering, which will hone more advanced skills in biology, physics, technology, and mathematics and applies them to real-world biotech fields.

“What I really like about this school is the engineering courses that they offer,” said junior David R. Walter II. “I learned how to build imaginary circuits on our computer programs. Another thing that we do is if the school has problems with the computers they come to the engineering students. In the beginning and the end of the school year, we will bring the systems back on line or assembly them. Any minor problems they school comes to us. The program is very hands-on and the experience I receive here is incredible.”

In addition to the science and engineering programs, the school also has a three-year BioMed program. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in the medical sciences, research, and university pre-med programs. Students receive hands-on learning in the program through internships, university visits, field trips, SAT Prep, and talking with various speakers in the field.

“It’s the academics, teachers, and endless opportunities that make this school so special,” said senior Algeria Brisbon. “Dr. Basu has helped me in so many ways. I’ve done internships in my field and gotten into Drexel and UPenn because of his guidance. I plan on majoring in pre-med. The experience that I received here you cannot get at another school. When I go to college, I will be fully prepared because of the hard work and experiences I received while attending Carver.”

Sophomore Yonelkis Gutierrez has also learned a lot from Amit Basu’s sciences classes.

“I always wanted to be a doctor, but after taking a few science classes with Dr. Basu, I want to be a veterinary neurosurgeon,” he said. “What makes him a good teacher is his open door policy; I can always go to him for advice. He has also set me up with a mentor at Temple.

“It’s teachers like that, that truly makes a difference in our life. They want to see us succeed and are willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve our dream. Its nice to be at a school where everyone wants to help you prepare for your future.”

In addition to the programs and extra-curricular activities, Carver is also known for its numerous achievements. Carver continues to achieve AYP. Some awards the school has received over the years include: the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence (2008), Middle States Accreditation (2010), National Academy Foundation Accreditation (2011), U.S. News and World Report– Bronze Awards (2008-2011), and the U.S. News and World Report– Silver Award (2012).

“There has been so many success stories at this school, that its hard for you not to want to succeed,” said junior Jaime Scott. “It’s really up to us to take advantage of everything the school has to offer. This school teaches us skills that we will use on an everyday basis. I’m interested in computer and environmental science from an engineering standpoint.

“Both have influenced me since I was young and as I entered into high school my passion for both grew over time. I want to make them into professions. Mr. Koehler has definitely helped me with my dream, because of him I already have experiences in subjects that I’m interested in. As far as my future, I’m interested in being a programmer, environmental scientist, or physicist. My experience at Carver has been amazing; I love everything about the school.”

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