Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill

The National Council of Young Israel on Saturday joined those calling for the resignation of Philadelphia professor Marc Lamont Hill from his tenured position at Temple University for what some have said are anti-Semitic remarks.

Hill was fired by CNN earlier this week.

“While we are grateful that CNN did the right thing under the circumstances, it is extraordinarily disingenuous for Temple University to summarily try and distance itself from Marc Lamont Hill,” read a statement from the organization. “The reality is that Dr. Hill is a member of Temple’s faculty, and he therefore does indeed represent Temple as a result, despite the university’s perplexing assertions to the contrary. While Marc Lamont Hill’s anti-Semitic views may be his own, Temple cannot simply disavow him when it is convenient for them.”

Temple University released a statement Friday defending Hill’s right to speak freely, saying, “Professor Hill does not represent Temple University, and his views are his own. Further, Professor Hill’s right to express his opinion is protected by the Constitution to the same extent as any other private citizen.”

Patrick O’Connor, the chairman of Temple’s board, told a local media outlet Friday that Hill’s comments were “lamentable” and “disgusting. Free speech is one thing. Hate speech is entirely different.”

Hill made the controversial comments during a meeting at the United Nations held for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on Wednesday.

In his remarks, Hill said “we must advocate and promote non-violence,” but added that “we cannot endorse a narrow politics of respectability that shames Palestinians for resisting, for refusing to do nothing in the face of state violence and ethnic cleansing.”

Hill also called for a “free Palestine from the river to the sea.” Some critics say this is a statement frequently used by Hamas, a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organization that has called for the destruction of Israel.

Hill has been accused as being a Hamas supporter. However, during his speech, he embraced nonviolent resistance, such as boycotts, divestiture and sanctions.

Hill is not without his defenders. Congresswoman-elect Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), one of the first two Muslim American women elected to Congress, is one of them.

“Calling out the oppressive policies in Israel, advocating for Palestinians to be respected, and for Israelis and Palestinians alike to have peach and freedom is not anti-Semitic. @CNN, we all have a right to speak up about injustice any and everywhere,” Tlaib tweeted out after Hill was fired.

Harvard professor Cornel West also defended Hill.

“The important thing is that we’ve got to stand with our dear brother Marc,” West told website “All he is saying is that a Palestinian baby has exactly the same value as a Jewish baby. Brother Marc is not a supporter of Hamas. You can love Palestinian people — you can support their rights and their dignity — but that doesn’t mean you’re a supporter of Hamas.

“I love Palestinian people but that doesn’t mean I’m a supporter of Hamas,” West continued. “And to make that kind of jump is ridiculous. I find it sad that people would stoop to that level to attack my brother or anybody else who stands with the Palestinian people. We would do the exact same thing if there was a Palestinian occupation of Jewish brothers and sisters.”

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Keep up your soeak Professor - they hate it when you call attention to their injustice. Even when they mistreat the Original Jews and Jewish refugees in the so called nation of Israel. Loving your truth and your courage - white supremacy in American Media is as bad as those walking around the streets. These are the years of truth. The RC Christian Church, Jews and evangelical christians are all in this garbage mistreatnent of the Palestinians together. Old Netanyahu is a carpet land grabber. Peace Professor


It is not "garbage treatment" when you defend youselves from Palestinian aggression.


Read Deuteronomy 2:1-8, specifically verses 4-5

Temple, M.Ed.

We need to change the narrative on this issue. It is not anti-semitic (aren't Arabs semites?) to speak out against the apartheid and genocide that Israel commits against Palestinians. It is anti-zionist, which is completely different. MSM needs to take a step back from this and examine how they report on this issue. The U.S. gives Israel a lot of money every year to continue their genocide of Palestinians, so thus anyone with clout speaking in support of the BDS movement, such as Dr. Lamont-Hill, will be attacked. CNN also fired Reza Aslan long before MLH. This is affects anyone who stands in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians and they will also be attacked and demeaned and made to be anti-semitic in the MSM's and zionists' viewpoint. As a Temple University graduate with two of their degrees, I'm appalled that anyone from this school would speak out against a faculty member standing up against such gross injustices. I'm deeply disappointed in Temple U. at this moment and ask that they rethink their statements. However, when you accept millions of dollars in donations to the university from zionists, one will expect that they must speak out against some like MLH. Keep speaking out, Dr. Lamont-Hill. Keep standing up for the oppressed. Many of us are behind you.


Thank you for clarifying the issue for those who can only see a zero-sum reality. I have often wondered why Israel’s fight against the oppression of Jew’s is centered on the oppression of Palestinians. If you despise oppression don’t oppress. I imagine God looking at the sacred land of believers- Jews, Christians and Muslims- asking ‘Really, people, is this the best that you can do with my teachings?’ Believers embroiled in conflict for thousands of years unable to find common ground, justifying evil in the name of their God. I want Jews to have a safe place to dwell and live in peace and I want the same for Palestinians. I support MLH.

Hyoishi Iha

There are some really bizarre comments posted in reference to this article. Some truth is necessary: 1) the "original" Jews are the current Jews; 2) Israel, as currently constituted, is the result of a 1948 UN-approved resolution emanating from the Balfour Declaration; 3) Israel would have been much smaller if the Arabs hadn't tried to drive them into the sea (much like Hill advocated); 4) CNN fired Hill because it knew his comments were anti-Semitic; 5) Temple is in a quandary because they don't want to fire Hill but they would if he were a white fellow; 6) "hate speech," which is largely an appellation of the Left is designed to intimidate legitimate conservative opposition and now falls under the old adage of the "be careful what you wish for;" 7) Hills defenders are mostly anti-Semites which most people know means "anti-Jewish" and is not an anthropological designation when used under the rubric of our common vernacular. Hill is a nasty piece of work and always has been.


You can add your comment to the top of the list of bizarre comments and your name to the top of the list of nasty pieces of work and group thinkers. Sad!


Whenever an African-American man becomes too outspoken, too powerful and too confrontational the opposition is all too happy to take him out because they can’t handle the truth.

Guest Norma Wolens

Our children should not be held hostage by university instructors who are so blinded by hate and untruths that they cannot see and cannot teach/speak what is real. Lamont does not belong in the classroom. Administration has the responsibility and I hope courage to protect its students from the sickness of haters.

Alfred R. Sheppard

These So Called Israeli People Are The biggest Hypocrites They Cry They Need A Buffer From Germany, Italy, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims And/Or Any People And/Or Person Who They Want Yet In The United States Slave Holders Of Blacks Trying Too Deceived By Good Cop Bad Cop Activities (It Must Be In The NAACP Charter Only White Looking Blacks (Except For One Person In The Past Hundred Years Or So) Are Allowed Too Hold That Organization Office Of President), Here In The United States And Abroad They Are The Oppressive Apartheidors'' (Dutch Netherlands) Always Claiming Some Form Of Guarding Against By Attacking (From Divers Fronts) First What They Claim They Do Not Deserve (Claiming Allegiance In A GOD Whose Is Not Mock Able What Is Sown Is Reaped) Too Have Happen Too Them = So Call Israel Stop Throwing Those Stones = From A True Woolie Haired Jesus Descended (Not Some Moose User Only)

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