Philadelphia Councilman-At-Large Derek Green will be honored by The Made Man initiative during this week’s Congressional Black Caucus 47th Annual Legislative Conference in Washington.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of this initiative,” said Green, regional director of the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials. “It’s an honor.”

Created by Yeadon native Ky Dele, The Made Man initiative is celebrating a host of influential African-American male honorees during an 11-city tour across the nation. Green will be honored for being “a positive light” in Philadelphia.

“The concept was a tribute to Ky’s father, a community organizer, and its her way of honoring community leaders here in Philadelphia and throughout the country,” Green said.

Dele hosted one of the 11 engagements here a few weeks ago, acknowledging the work of several men and women from the region. Unable to attend the Philadelphia event, Green is excited to participate this weekend in Washington.

“While we normally honor 50 men per city on our tour, I felt it important to make a statement in our nation’s capital and recognize more than 100 men who are beacons of light and leadership at a time when racial tensions run high,” said Dele, a graduate of Lincoln and Cheyney universities.

Through the national tour, Dele has engaged the corporate and nonprofit communities to bridge the gap between aspirational and under-served men.

Green and other honorees have volunteered resources to provide empowerment tools for under-served male youth and adults through mentoring workshops, educational scholarships and donations of business attire.

“We were able to help secure suits for those in need,” said Green, who has worked with Philadelphia Eagle Malcolm Jenkins and local clothing stores on this effort.

“There are lots of great men doing great things all the time and do not get noticed,” Green said. “I appreciate what Ky has put together, highlighting the greatness and leadership of men. It’s important work she’s doing.”

A relatively new elected official, Green earned the Made Man designation as a result of his diligent civic service as chair of the Committee on Disabilities, vice chair of the Committees on Aging and Law and Government, and chair of the Philadelphia Gas Commission.

A graduate of the University of Virginia and Temple University School of Law and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, Green has also served as counsel to the Philadelphia Gas Commission chair and the Committees on Finance and Public Health and Human Services.

Before his election, Green was former Councilwoman Marian B. Tasco’s special counsel, proposing and drafting legislation and monitoring local, state and federal legislation. Green said he has been fortunate to work with Tasco.

“She stayed engaged locally and nationally, often bringing back ideas to improve our city when she participated in national organizations for elected officials,” Green said. “As she started talking about predatory lending in 1999, no one knew what she was talking about at that time. People weren’t as aware of the issue as they are now and she helped to initiate the discussion that impacts so many of our residents in Philadelphia as well as throughout the country.”

Along with his wife, Sheila, Green co-founded the first Autism Support Class at Houston Elementary School to help autistic children, including his son.

A top regional fundraiser for Autism Speaks, Green has significant experience with big budget efforts. He has drafted, negotiated and reviewed over $100 million in housing and economic development contracts funded by the city, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“It’s been a super busy summer and we’re back in session with council,” Green said. “Being honored by The Made Man during the Congressional Black Caucus is something special. I truly appreciate and thank Ky for having me be a part of this great initiative.”

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