The four-contestant race in the 198th Legislative District is close and will come down to who receives the most mail-in ballots.

The final number will not be announced until the ballots are counted Tuesday.

The latest poll numbers show Supreme Dow in the lead with 1,976 votes, and Bernard Williams trailing behind Dow with 1,974 votes.

Fareed Abdullah is in third place with 1,939 votes and Darisha Parker at fourth place with 1,694 votes.

Dow, Williams and Abdullah are essentially tied with 26% of the vote with Parker at 21%.

“I’m not sure if we had a time where we had a pandemic, an election, and an ill-prepared and underperforming, dysfunctional president of this nation,” Dow said. “We’re all working a little blind. I can only presume that the race will be tight.”

Williams views his chances of winning differently.

“When I was talking to young people, they’re tired,” he said. “They want to see a change but with that change, they want to see someone that looks like them, that talks like them, that has a story like them. I believe young people came out in droves yesterday because they want hope.”

Abdullah believes the chances of winning are in his favor.

“I was hitting the pavement early,” he said. “Even in the midst of the pandemic, I tried to show my presence in the community and put my literature out there. I was able to reach the people by going to communities, knocking on doors, talking to people on the stoops and the corner stores, about this campaign.”

Parker, who was endorsed by outgoing Rep. Rosita Youngblood, could not be reached for comment.

The 198th District is mostly Black and includes East and Southeast Germantown, Sommerville, Nicetown, Logan, Tioga, Allegheny West, Swampoodle and East Falls.

“We have an opportunity to instill proven leadership and we think now is the moment in our communities and the country for effective, accountable and new leadership,” Dow said.

The Associated Press

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