G. Roni Green

G. Roni Green

Voters in the 190th state House District will go to the polls this month for the second time in a year to elect a state representative.

Democrat G. Roni Green and Republican Wanda Logan are competing in a special election on Feb. 25 for the state House of Representatives seat.

Whoever wins, however, won’t hold the seat and $88,610-a-year salary for very long.

The term for the seat is up this year, along with the entire state House. The previous two office-holders resigned amid charges of political corruption.

The winner of the 190th state House District seat, if she intends to seek re-election, will have to hit the campaign trail again for the April 28 primary to get on the November ballot.

Registered Democrats make up 87% of voters in the district, so Green is heavily favored to win the election.

Green, who lives in North Philadelphia and has never run for public office, said the community has been underserved and intended to focus on the issues of gun violence, schools, and living wages, among other things.

“I’m running because I believe we deserve consistent and accountable representation in the 190th,” she said.

Green has been a Democratic committee person in the 38th Ward 9th Division for more than six years.

A former case worker for the state Department of Human Services for two decades, Green, 60, went on to hold various positions in Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 668, previously rising to secretary treasurer for the union in Pennsylvania.

Green left her job at SEIU, where she was a business agent, to run for the 190th state House District seat.

Green said she will seek the Democratic Party’s nomination again in the April primary if she wins this month.

Logan and the Philadelphia Republican City Committee did not return calls seeking comment.

Logan is a Democrat turned Republican. The West Philadelphia native has run for the 190th District seat at least twice before.

Logan addressed her decision to switch parties on her campaign website, saying the Republican Party has “represented our interests historically and in many ways still do. Ideals of good merit are not solely the realm of a single party.”

Ex-state rep Movita Johnson-Harrell vacated the seat in December and pleaded guilty to bilking more than $500,000 from a nonprofit she ran.

Johnson-Harrell was the second elected representative to forfeit the seat in about a year.

Former state representative Vanessa Lowery Brown resigned in December 2018 following a guilty verdict on corruption charges. Lowery Brown continues to appeal the verdict in state Superior Court.

The 190th District rests entirely within Philadelphia and is made up of the neighborhoods of Belmont, Carroll Park, Cathedral Park, Mill Creek, Haddington, East Parkside, West Powelton, Allegheny West and Lehigh West.

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