Philly School District makes changes to 2022-2023 school selection process

School District of Philadelphia officials announced the new 2022-23 school selection process. —TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO

The 2022-23 school selection process for School District of Philadelphia students and families will be a little bit different this year.

Changes have been made to the school selection process to coincide with the Board of Education’s Goals and Guardrails plan. The changes were made after the selection process underwent an equity review.

The review included a school selection survey and meetings where feedback from hundreds of district stakeholders including principals, parents and students.

“School selection is an important opportunity for students throughout Philadelphia and adding an equity lens to this process is critical,” school district superintendent William Hite said in a statement.

This year’s school selection process will be moved to a computerized lottery system to support greater access for students who meet the qualifications, ZIP code preference will be applied at select criteria-based schools for students who meet the minimum qualifications, school selection and wait lists will be managed centrally, and PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) scores, letters of recommendation and interviews will not be required for eligibility or admission.

The online application will also be available in nine different languages.

Applications will be accepted for students who will be entering grades K-12 for the 2022-23 school year. The application period ends at midnight on Nov. 21.

Students and families who need additional support for the school selection process can connect with their school’s counselor.

“It is our hope that this year's changes will start to create a more equitable academic experience for all students who choose to participate, and improve their chances to attend the school of their choice,” Hite said.

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