CCP teaches girls about STEM through summer camp

Students at Community College of Philadelphia’s “Girls in STEM” camp visit Carvana vehicle processing facility where they learned how electric motors work during summer 2019. —TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO

School District of Philadelphia administrators announced Thursday that nearly 15,000 students have registered for in-person summer programming — more than double the number from last year’s virtual programming.

Through partnerships with the city and local organizations, summer learning will combine project based-learning with extracurricular programming.

The programs will start the week of June 28 and will take place in-person at schools throughout the city for students entering grades 1-12.

District officials originally announced the plans for summer programming for students in April.

“We have over 2,000 School District of Philadelphia and out-of-school-time providers that will be supporting the students,” said Ali Robinson-Rogers, executive director of the district’s Office of Postsecondary Readiness.

“This year we’re moving beyond a traditional summer school to offer in-person academic support so that every student has the opportunity to continue learning during the summer months in a fun and safe environment,” she said.

Through a partnership with the school district, the City will also provide opportunities to students through “PlayItSafePHL,” an initiative that connects children, teens and families with summer activities.

“We have summer camps through our parks and rec facility that are in person, we have community base out-of-school-time providers, and we have a number of opportunities with the school district,” said Cynthia Figueroa, deputy mayor of the city’s Office of Children and Families.

“We also have over 250 applicants for summer meals that have been processed,” she added. “We’re hoping to get to an even higher number that brings activities and meals in at a kid’s doorstep.”

Figueroa added that the city will also offer students summer jobs.

“We’re thrilled to be able to have 8,000 slots for older youth to have a paid work experience through the summer that will be in-person or hybrid,” Figueroa said. “Last year, we were only able to connect with 6,000 kids, and it was all virtual, so to be in a place now, where we’re expanding those slots is really significant.”

School District Superintendent William Hite said he’s excited about the different opportunities students will have this summer.

“I’m glad to hear so many young people are taking advantage of the summer opportunities at this time,” Hite said. “I wish a safe and happy summer for everyone.”

Meal distribution update“We continue to adjust our grab and go meals to support our students,” said Lisa Norton, manager of operations at the school district’s Division of Food Services. “We expanded our boxes from 10 meals to boxes serving 14 meals with fresh fruit and milk.

“Last week, we served our 10 millionth meal since we started last March,” she added. “We will continue to support our students and family who rely on the district for health and nutritious meals.”

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