Saudia Shuler

Saudia Shuler, known for conducting lavish events in her North Philadelphia neighborhood, was indicted Tuesday on several federal fraud charges. - Image from 3-CBS Philly

The North Philly-based entrepreneur, known for her hilarious social media antics and her philanthropy around the city, announced last week that she has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

The "Country Cookin'" owner posted a video on her Instagram updating her followers on her initial health status after her diagnosis.

"They say I got COVID,” she says on one video. “Y’all better put those masks … on. I’m so miserable. I wouldn’t wish this on nobody.”

Since then, in a string of constant video updates and posts from the account, Shuler's health has seemed to decline.

"I’m scared but I’m still fighting. There’s not to much more they can do," Shuler captioned in a video that showed her hooked up to a ventilator. "I’m strong and I’m fighting Sonson. Hold on. I wish i could hug you. Please pray for me. "

Shuler has faced serious health problems in the past, including suffering a stroke at 40 years old and a bout with thyroid cancer. Both make her high risk for COVID-19.

She is a staple in Philadelphia, with her restaurant being a popular hangout spot for the city's youth. Patrons of her 22nd street restaurant and people all over the city flooded her social media with well wishes and support.

"Country Cookin'" closed last week so that staff could get tested.

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