Catherine Hicks

Catherine Hicks

The Philadelphia NAACP is under new leadership, signaling a renewed and paramount change in direction.

Philadelphia Sunday Sun publisher Catherine Hicks was elected to serve as the Philadelphia NAACP chapter president Saturday, marking the end of what some had considered a tumultuous period for the Philadelphia civil rights group.

The chapter held an in-person election for newly elected officers and executive committee members of Philadelphia NAACP at the group’s headquarters in Nicetown, 4458-B Germantown Ave. To cast a ballot, members had to provide identification and must have been a member for at least the past 30 days.

With all of the positions unopposed, the results were foreseen before its recording.

“The time is now. Our city is in crisis. The leaders of the NAACP Philadelphia chapter are focused on the serious challenges ahead. In the coming weeks, we will be addressing educational equity, financial literacy, Black homeownership and entrepreneurship, and violence,” Hicks said in an official press statement.

Hicks and her new team of elected officials, and the chapter’s committee members, will be installed Sunday.

In addition to her installation as the chapter’s president, the newly elected officers include:

First vice president: J. Louis Felton, incumbent

Second vice president: Melvin Prince Johnakin

Third vice president: Kamryn Bonds, incumbent

Secretary: Shirley Roberts, incumbent

Assistant secretary: Chandra Deal, currently serving on the chapter’s executive committee

Treasurer: Shirley Jordan, incumbent

Assistant treasurer: Shirley Williams, incumbent

“Our new leadership brings diverse experience and a solid network of relationships and partnerships. We will expect to be held accountable to the people of this city and we will hold others accountable as well,” said Hicks.

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