After he buried his son on Monday, Sultan Ashley-Shah called on city officials to do more to halt the gun violence affecting African-American men in Philadelphia.

“We need more resources,” he said. “If we can find money to fund festivals, if we can find money to fund parades — but if we can’t find the resources and the money to stop the killings in our communities, something’s wrong with that picture, my friend.”

Ashley-Shah’s son, Nasir Sadat, and Sheriff Jewell Williams’ son, Jewell Williams Jr., were shot around 5:30 p.m. on Friday in the 3100 block of North 16th Street.

Sadat, 37, was shot multiple times in the back and neck, a police spokesman said. He was transported to Temple University Hospital, where he later died, police said.

The police spokesman would not reveal any details about Jewell Williams Jr. or additional information about the shooting. The investigation remains ongoing, the police spokesman said.

“The sheriff remains upset and concerned about his son,” said Dan Gross, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

Ashley-Shah, who previously headed the North Philadelphia activist group Citizens United, Warriors for Justice.

Ashley-Shah, who buried his son on Monday, said Sadat’s murder “was a tragedy connected to the violence that’s taking place in our city — the killings, the shootings.”

“This is a sign of the times that it has to stop,” he said.

Homicides reached a 10-year high in 2018. As of Monday, there have been 166 homicides in the city, up 4% compared to this time last year, according to the police department’s website. African-American men account for the overwhelming majority of both shooting victims and homicide victims.

Sadat was “very smart” and a “quick learner” as a young child, according to a narrative of his life provided by his family.

He learned to count money at his aunt’s and uncle’s candy store in East Falls, and he “could count money so fast; a talent he took into his adulthood,” the family’s narrative said. “He loved to earn an honest dollar as a young kid, selling balloons and shoveling snow with friends from the neighborhood.”

Sadat attended Germantown High School where he played football well enough to earn full scholarships to several universities, the family’s narrative said. He chose to attend Western Illinois University, and earned bachelor’s degrees in sports management and social work.

Sadat was an entrepreneur who started a real estate and construction company as well as an entertainment group, among other ventures.

“Nasir always went hard with everything he set his mind to, he took no days off, chasing his ‘Bag,’ maximizing every minute of the day to build his empire,” the family’s narrative says.

Sadat was married to Jocelyn Berry, with whom he had three daughters, Iman, Farah and Nas.

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Hello me and my son father loss our only son John Heggie 111 to street violence. On January 18 2019. I have not understand we have cameras over the city. Why we don’t have a person who can show the cops the killers . This take us parents to stop this violence and get together and see what we can do for our community and our children. I am so tried of turning on the Tv and see another person is dead . I know it other cities all over. I am not saying it sad what happens to both men but because they fathers are well known we need to stop the violence. I follow the guy for unsolved murders in Philadelphia who said get involved don’t let it happened to you. I always say God not going take my only son and my oldest. I have join group but it only six month on the 18 th but I talk to a lot of mothers and try to share information about the different programs in the city. I had to move for awhile to get my mind together. I went back to work because we don’t get a lot of bereavement time for a child. I want to write our government for law for more bereavement time. I want to help because my son wasn’t the person the killer wanted but they don’t care or know how to shoot he was shot in the head and the passenger is living but mental and physical he is hurt. Let stop the violence sorry and praying for all the families losing their children . God please help our city.

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