Charm Sullivan, 17, was brutally beaten by a group of boys after she refused to give them free food at a McDonald’s in the city’s North Philadelphia section. — Photo via NBCPhiladelphia

A Philadelphia McDonald’s worker was brutally attacked and beaten unconscious by a group of teen boys after she didn't give them free food, according to her family.

Khadijah Lovett told NBC10 her 17-year-old cousin Charm Sullivan was beaten by at least four boys Wednesday night inside the McDonald’s restaurant on Broad Street and Hunting Park where she was working behind the counter.

“She’s hurt,” Lovett said. “The only thing she keeps saying is she doesn’t know. Why her. Why her?”

Lovett told NBC10 the ordeal began when Sullivan denied giving a group of teens free food. The teen boys then attacked her and followed her when she tried to escape and go to the bathroom, according to Lovett.

The beating spilled outside where Sullivan was later found unconscious between two cars in the restaurant’s parking lot, her family told NBC10.

“They assaulted her several times,” Lovett said. “They hit her with a brick in front of McDonald’s.”

Lovett shared photos of her cousin whose right eye and lips were bruised and swollen.

NBC Philadelphia

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This makes me so angry. People need to be held accountable for their actions. Why didn’t her coworkers or manager call 911 during the incident?! Why aren’t the cops showing surveillance footage of the criminals attacking her? Those teens need to be punished and McDonald’s needs to answer for why they failed to provide a safe workplace and proper training to their employees for situations like these.

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