Shaun Lloyd

Days after a man attempted to grab women off Philadelphia streets, a suspect has been arrested and charged.

On Wednesday night, police officers arrested Shaun Lloyd along Woodland Avenue in Southwest Philly, police said Thursday. The 36-year-old is wanted in connection to attempted abductions of multiple women within a little more than a half-hour span Sunday morning.

Lloyd lives along Swain Street, a short distance from where the attacks occurred in the Francisville neighborhood around the same time.

After the 21-year-old woman reported the incident, police found more surveillance footage of the man trying to abduct two other women in that same area Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and 9:35 a.m.

During one of the attacks, the man held onto an older woman for about a minute before a Good Samaritan arrived and pulled her away to safety, investigators said.

Lloyd is charged with three counts of attempted kidnapping and related counts, police said. It is unclear if he has an attorney who could comment on his behalf.

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I grew up with Shaun and I can honestly say that the things he did is not the real him. Shaun has always been I good person quiet and stayed to his self. His mom died a few years back and he turned to drugs he started smoking pcp then it went to higher drugs. I’m not saying it’s a excuse but I can almost bet my bottom dollar that he was high of some type of drug when he did this. He probably doesn’t even remember. And if he do I think he did it for a cry for help. He’s really a good person he just lost it once his mother pass away and went the wrong route. I hope he gets the help he needs to get his life back on track cause I know he’s not some crazy sex criminal


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