A new home visiting model designed to improve children’s health will be launched in West Philadelphia.

The Policy Lab research center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is partnering with the CHOP Care Network and National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) to design the three-year pilot program.

Through the Community-Clinical Systems Integration Initiative (CCSI), registered nurses will be paired with families in under resourced communities to promote positive health outcomes. The project, which integrates home visiting nurses into the pediatric primary care setting, seeks to provide families with support to address their most pressing social and health needs, and to align the delivery of preventive services across home and doctor’s office settings.

“What we’re hoping that families achieve in this model is enhanced support, coordination of services and engagement in preventive care – both in the clinical and community setting,” said Meredith Malone, project lead investigator and scientific director of Policy Lab.

“It’s by embedding home visitors into a clinical care team that we hope to facilitate more nuanced and real time information sharing between service providers to improve the quality of care and the continuity of care that families are receiving.”

The process of enrolling approximately 60 families will begin this winter at CHOP’s Cobbs Creek primary care site. The model will employ home visiting nurses in primary care settings, while also providing families with child development education and support for finding quality child care.

The home visiting services will be provided by NNCC, a nonprofit that advocates for nurse-managed health care.

“We know that the nurse home visitors care for families with many different vulnerabilities and challenges and they do so with extraordinary compassion and skill,” said Pamela Mattel, chief program officer, NNCC.

“We know that coordinating care with the child’s pediatric primary care team can collectively and positively impact families. As a community-based provider of nurse home visiting services we are grateful to CHOP for recognizing and valuing the critical role our nurses play in enhancing the care.”

The nurses will visit families in their respective homes and provide feedback to a patient’s primary care provider.

“It is through this ongoing communication with the provider that nurse home visitors will be able to improve the care of their clients and serve as a critical support to the patient care team,” explained Tara Dechert, program manager, Policy Lab.

“Ultimately, the CCSI initiative aims to create a systems level, collaborative approach to serving families with significant social needs in an effective and efficient way.”

The project is one of several investments totaling more than $5 million made by Vanguard to support efforts at CHOP through its Vanguard Strong Start for Kids Program.

“This project captures the essence of what Vanguard Strong Start for Kids was created to do,” said Crystal Shannon, a principal in Vanguard’s Community Stewardship department and program officer for the project.

“It takes proven models of care that help children grow, thrive, and learn and incorporates fresh ideas about service delivery and coordination to eliminate barriers and improve outcomes for kids.”

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