Dr. Jarret Patton

Dr. Jarret Patton is hosting “Licensed to Live: The Conference,” which is targeted to health care professionals.—SUBMITTED PHOTO

At a time when many health professionals are experiencing high levels of stress and burnout, an upcoming conference aims to help them refresh and reignite their careers.

Dr. Jarret Patton, an author, board-certified pediatrician and career coach is hosting “Licensed to Live: The Conference,” July 16-17 at the Philadelphia Marriott in Old City.

“When we look at burnout rates in doctors and we look at doctors who are looking to leave the occupation of medicine we find that many of them are just simply tired of going through the repeated trauma and stress every day,” Patton explained.

“So we have developed this conference as way for people to kind of stop what they are doing, look at themselves and No. 1 take care of their selves, so that they can be ready to take care of so many others. And (No.) 2, build up their confidence and their credibility that can get beat down all too often.”

Often time people in the health care industry can feel like they are cogs in the wheel and they are counted as objects, he said.

“When everybody is sitting there where people are looking at health care as an object, at a doctor as an object, a patient as an object, we lose the humanity. So we are trying to bring the humanity back into the lives of those who take care so many,” continued Patton, who is the founder and CEO of DoctorJarret, PLLC, a health care advocacy firm.

During the two-day conference, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from a variety of the nation’s top physicians as they address topics such as wellness, leadership, advocacy, and balance; trauma, equity and career change; non-clinical careers and building one’s credibility through books, media and podcasting.

“Given this day and age, we are looking to enlighten and inspire a whole new generation of physicians and we’re doing that simply helping them think outside of the box,” Patton said.

“That’s what this conference is all about. That’s what I’ve written my books and the series, Licensed to Live about. It’s really about finding hope and inspiration in your everyday that will help you achieve your best, no matter where you are.”

The conference’s participating speakers include Cyntrell Crawford, adult psychiatrist; Nii Darko, general surgeon; Tieshena Davis, author and founding publisher and CEO of Publish Your Gift; Stephanie Freeman, critical care physician, author, speaker and consultant; John Jurica, certified physician executive and host of Physicians Non-Clinical Career Podcast; Marion Mass, pediatrician, author and co-founder of Practicing Physicians of America; Carol Penn, board-certified family medicine and obesity medicine physician and wellness expert; Bonzo Reddick, family physician, chairman of Community Health, Mercer University diversity and inclusion expert and Donna Hamilton, board-certified pediatrician, trauma-informed well being strategist and author.

Hamilton will be addressing the topic of trauma, self-care and how one can move forward in spite of a toxic work experience.

“We chose this topic because it touched on some key points,” she said. “We’re going to talk about true trauma, not just an upset, but something that would actually qualify as a psychological trauma.”

Hamilton said they will be helping people learn how to become trauma informed and recognize that some of what they have been experiencing at work could be traumatic.

“There is a lot of vicarious trauma and a lot of things that people deal with day-to-day. Even though it is part of our job, it can still be psychologically traumatic and upsetting,” she said.

“We have a myriad of workplace traumas,” Hamilton said. “Even if you perhaps work in a space that is not upsetting, toxic or traumatic, if you have a trauma history coming into it, it can sometimes color how you might experience certain things.”

“A lot of time, trauma can play out in a lot of different ways and we want to bring that to people’s attention,” she added.

For registration information about the upcoming conference visit www.licensedtolive.com

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