ChenMed, a primary care provider, is making a significant financial investment in bringing affordable concierge-style health care to Philadelphia seniors.

ChenMed plans to open at least 10 Dedicated Senior Medical Centers in Philadelphia, investing more than $200 million locally during the next five years.

The first two of four Dedicated centers in Philadelphia recently celebrated grand openings this month. Dedicated clinicians have been seeing patients locally for more than six weeks, and two more Dedicated Philadelphia centers will celebrate grand openings early in October.

ChenMed is known for its high-touch care that the September American Journal of Managed Care reports reduces hospital admissions for seniors by 50 percent, while shrinking healthcare costs by 28 percent.

“We’re transforming care for Philadelphia seniors by consistently delivering high-touch personalized care,” Dr. Gaurov Dayal, ChenMed president of New Markets and chief growth officer said in a news release.

“What truly differentiates our centers, is the amazing relationships that our doctors and care teams nurture with each and every senior we are blessed to serve. Our primary care physicians and specialist doctors are passionate about delivering the quality of care they want for their moms and dads; for their grandparents, aunts and uncles.”

The health care provider primarily serves seniors with low-to-moderate incomes, most of whom are managing multiple chronic conditions.

Dedicated primary care physicians each focus on serving 400 patients — instead of the national average for primary care doctors that exceeds 2,300 patients.

“Personalized care is our passion,” said Dr. Sophie Parker, Dedicated Philadelphia’s associate chief medical officer.

“We’re really good at detecting and managing multiple high-risk diseases for elderly patients so each of our seniors can stay as active as possible for as long as possible and enjoy the maximum number of healthy days. We also provide a wide variety of value-added services, including walk-in appointments, door-to-doctor transportation, on-site specialists, and on-site medication dispensing and so much more.”

Dedicated’s four new centers in Olney, West Philadelphia, North Philadelphia and Mayfair represent the first $80 million in the company’s planned five-year investment exceeding $200 million to improve health outcomes for tens of thousands of Philadelphia seniors. In June, Dedicated announced a provider partnership with Independence Blue Cross across the four centers.

The next grand openings will be held as follows – Dedicated Mayfair on Oct. 3-4, 6431 Sackett St. and Dedicated West Philadelphia on Oct. 10-11, 1575 N. 52nd St.

Founded by Dr. James Chen, a Taiwanese immigrant and cancer survivor, ChenMed operates more than 50 medical centers in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia. (215) 893-5747

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