Kamilah Campbell

Kamilah Campbell

A Florida teenager may miss the January deadline to apply to her first-choice school due to suspicions over her improved SAT scores.

Educational Testing Service officials aren’t buying that in a year Kamilah Campbell, a senior at Michael M. Krop Senior High School, could bring her scores up more than 300 points.

The testing service is reviewing Campbell’s Oct. 6 SAT scores, citing anomalies in one or more sections of her test. The service is questioning her score going from 900 to over 1,200, said the teen who lives in Miami Gardens, just outside Miami.

“They said there’s no way I can improve from a 900 to a high score like this,” Campbell said. “They are saying I had to either cheat or have prior knowledge to the test.”

Since receiving the letter, the 18-year-old has sent statements from her 11th-grade language arts instructor and study partner along with pictures of the book she used to study to the Educational Testing Service to prove the validity of her improved scores.

Campbell said she first took the SAT during her junior year and scored around a 900. Those test scores fall short of Florida State University’s required admission score of 1,200 or higher. As a result, the teen said she committed herself to a rigorous SAT prep and test study regime consisting of College Board-approved tutoring and independent study.

Campbell, who currently has a 3.1 GPA, was tutored at the Khan Academy using the appropriate review book, spent more than five hours each week focused on the SAT and met with an honor student for help with math.

“Preparation for the October SAT was an important process that I took very seriously,” she said.

Based on conversations with representatives from the Office of Testing Integrity, Campbell thought she scored between 1,230 to 1,240 in taking the test a second time. However, since her latest test scores were flagged by the Educational Testing Service, she did not know the exact score, she said.

Campbell’s Oct. 6 SAT scores are invalid, after a preliminary review, the testing service said in a letter.

Campbell hopes to have her scores validated soon. The review will likely take some four to six weeks, preventing Campbell from making Florida State University’s summer term admission deadline of Jan. 1.

Educational Testing Service officials could not be reached for comment Thursday. — (The Miami Times)

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