When Terrace Daniels was presented with the chance to purchase the BoConcept franchise in Philadelphia, he jumped at the opportunity.

BoConcept is a Danish furniture designer that provides contemporary home and office furnishings. Prior to becoming a franchise operator, Daniels led the brand’s logistics and customer service department.

“I worked on the corporate side for 11 years and got really embedded in BoConcept,” said Daniels, who hails from Jersey City, N.J.

“I loved the culture, the product and my colleagues that I worked with; so it became a really good relationship.”

Last year, Daniels took over the store near Rittenhouse Square and focused his efforts on making the store flourish. When he assumed ownership of the business, the 10-year-old store was underperforming.

“I believe that I could be the one to kind of mold it and shape it to where it needs to be — with my own footprint,” he said.

With that in mind, Daniels invested in upgrading the store’s image and worked on addressing customer service and delivery problems. He also focused on building the brand in Philadelphia by conducting community outreach, attending networking events and interacting with city leaders.

“I went into the community to let them know that we are here, that we are viable and that it’s a good product and that I stand behind it,” he said.

Daniels often hosts events at the store in collaboration with artists and others in marketing their products.

His efforts to expand the brand recognition seem to be paying off.

“It’s not the best kept secret anymore,” said the 54-year-old businessman.

“We’re really emerging as one of the power-players in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia in that regard,” said Daniels, who enjoys interacting with customers visiting the 1719 Chestnut St. shop for customized, coordinated furniture and accessories.

“I like when people come in and buy furniture, knowing that they love it and have found real value in it — knowing that’s it’s unique,“ Daniels said.

“What sets us apart is the modularity of our furniture — that we can customize it to your liking. We do in home consultations, we sit down in the store and we do consultations, where we draw up a blueprint of your space,” he said about BoConcept’s niche. “We take existing pieces that you already have and incorporate it into your design.

“What sets us apart is the quality of our staff and of course our product — it’s outstanding,“ he added.

Daniels plans to establish a second BoConcept store in the region within the next nine months.

Daniels has about 25 years of experience as a logistics expert, having worked as a logistics manager for Humanscale for 12 years before joining the BoConcept team.

Founded in 1952, BoConcept opened its first store in Paris in 1993. Since then, it has grown to more than 250 stories in 60 countries around the world.

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