Variety of flavors at Teaful Bliss Café

Teaful Bliss Café owner Jeffrey Mouzon displays an iced tea. — ABDUL SULAYMAN/TRIBUNE CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER

When Jeffrey Mouzon opened the doors of Teaful Bliss Café, he wanted to expose people to different varieties of teas that were pleasing to the palate and provided health benefits,

Mouzon was spurred to launch a café specializing in tea after realizing that the selection of teas at traditional coffee shops was limited.

“When you go to a café, you get a whole variety of coffee, but you are limited with your tea selection,” says Mouzon, who has been an avid tea drinker since his boyhood years.

With that in mind, the Teaful Bliss Café specializes in offering more than 20 types of organic loose leaf tea blends. The vast selection boasts blends such as champagne and berries, tropical paradise, meyer lemon, caramel macchiato and strawberry banana green teas.

While the focus is on tea, coffee drinkers are not left out. La Colombe coffee is on the menu.

The café features a loose tea display which offers customers the opportunity to smell the tea blends before making their selection. Mouzon says many customers often try a type of tea based on the way it smells.

Mouzon offers tea blends that coincide with the seasons. During the summer months, floral and fruity blends are in the mix, while the cinnamon apple blends star in the winter and fall.

Since he opened the café eight months ago, Mouzon has received positive feedback.

“Our blends of tea are so unique and different from what people are normally used to that they rave about it and they come back,” says Mouzon.

“We have a lot of blends that are good for you but still taste good too. We have a well-balanced flavor selection.”

He often encourages his customers to try something new instead of purchasing traditional flavors such as Earl Gray.

Thus far, the hottest sellers are raspberry rose petal, papaya mint, caramel macchiato and the Detox Me tea blends.

Mouzon regards the Detox Me tea — a blend of fennel seeds, goji berries, lemon balm, lemongrass and black pepper — as his personal favorite.

“It’s so refreshing,” he says of the blend.

“As it cools down you start catching hints of all the flavors that’s in it — but it’s not overbearing.”

Teaful Bliss also features light fare including bagels, muffins, made-to-order paninis, wraps and salads to complement its tea selection.

The café located at 11th and Spring Garden streets, the former site of the Dress for Success boutique. Mouzon utilized his skills in construction and home remodeling to turn the space into his vision for a café.

The café’s main room offers a warm, welcoming environment with its bright orange walls and black leather seats. Mouzon says the café is designed to encourage customers to stay and relax.

When it came to launching his business, Mouzon was not discouraged by the state of the economy.

“I felt as though the venture that I was going into wouldn’t be a strain on people’s pockets,” says Mouzon.

“When you have small ticket items and you’re serving something of quality, even in tough times, people will still treat themselves,” says Mouzon.

In addition to offering customers the opportunity to kick back and relax with a tasty beverage, the café also features live entertainment such as an open mic night.

Even though Mouzon just opened Teaful Bliss eight months ago, he’s already considering other locations. He envisions opening two more locations in Philadelphia and launching a café in Atlanta, Ga.


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