Vonyale Williams was determined not to let challenges stop her from focusing on helping other entrepreneurs promote their businesses and develop brand awareness.

She and her brother Neal Williams partnered to form NEV Creative Studio, LLC, however the pandemic deterred their plans to open the business last year. They secured their studio location in Lansdowne last November but couldn’t officially launch until April.

For months, the siblings dealt with the challenge of paying to rent the studio before they could officially it for the public.

“There (were) a lot of tears and yes I almost gave up but I put my savings and my heart into it, so I just couldn’t allow myself to quit,” said Williams, who also works as a business and marketing analyst for Olympia Chimney Supply Inc.

“I just had a dream so I keep pushing forward through all the obstacles.”

Her studio specializes in offering product photography, social media management, videography, web design and Google analytics for small business owners.

“We’re trying to focus on small businesses, creators and entrepreneurs to utilize the space to help them build their brand,” said Williams, a 30-year-old West Philadelphia native.

“Our specialty is the whole creative side of creating content for your business. My motivation is I just want see people win.”

Kareem Crump of Crump Vision has been utilizing the studio for his photography clients. He previously conducted photo sessions at home so he appreciates having access to a professional location.

“With me getting established as an photographer and that business coming on the map, it actually helped me out a lot,” Crump said. “I now have a place I can go to and I can say ‘hey now I’m at a professional studio’ and my clients love coming there too. It’s a place of business, so it’s really a good feeling.”

The multi-purpose 1,600-square-foot studio at 26 N. Lansdowne Ave. is also available for special events such as baby showers, meetings and parties.

Williams says that entrepreneurship is in her blood. Her family owned a barbershop in West Philadelphia for more than 60 years on 69th and Rodman streets.

The studio marks her second business venture. After years of working in the corporate setting, Williams launched Poise NYC in 2017, a digital marketing company that caters to startups, nonprofits and small businesses.

“Working super hard in corporate America, you just feel like it’s hard to get ahead as a Black woman so it was just like I’m going to (take) my skills outside and help my friends and family with their businesses and it started from there,” said Williams, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Now she is merging the services provided by Poise NYC with NEV Creative Studio.

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