William Griggs IV is the founder of IV Creative Concepts.—PHOTO BY KYRON RYALS

William Griggs IV derives gratification in producing creative marketing content for businesses, influencers and nonprofit organizations.

“One of the joys that I get is when you send a client something and they actually love it and you can feel that they are appreciative of the service which you provided for them,” said Griggs, who is the founder of IV Creative Concepts.

“That to me is extremely gratifying.”

The South Jersey native enjoys the intricate process of working with his clientele.

“I like seeing things through,” Griggs said. “Depending on the client, the building of content is different. The constant for me is just seeing a satisfied client and just seeing an idea that they might of had, seen through visually.”

“When people come to you, they are really trusting you with their vision,” Griggs said.

“They are trusting you with their name when you think about it,” he said. “They are trusting you with their vision and delivering a product that is superior or that they can stand on.”

Griggs initially aspired to be a broadcast journalist while earning his bachelor’s degree in mass communications at Delaware State University.

But then he decided to focus on working behind the scenes and producing shows.

Griggs opted to pursue entrepreneurship after eight years as a producer at ComcastSportsNet, which is now NBC Sports Philadelphia. Griggs said he gained his skills and the confidence to “step out” to the people he met at NBC Sports Philadelphia.

But then there were staff cuts “and I didn’t, like, necessarily like the direction that the news station was going in.”

He was also concerned about his ability to grow professionally at the company.

“I just felt like I could go on my own and do something media-related and be a little more creative,” Griggs said. “I felt like I could make way more of an impact.”

So he resigned from the news station in 2018 to form his production agency and started making business connections.

“It was a blessing that it took off,” Griggs said of his business venture. “I was able to make money and tangible connections right out of the gate.”

One of his first breaks came when he filmed an event for NFL football player Rodney McLeod, which subsequently snow balled into other work. He was able to form a relationship with C.F. Charities, a charity that McLeod was involved with. At the time, C.F. Charities was providing school children with free dental and health screenings.

“That built a good foundation as far as getting work and building relationships and getting better at what we were trying to do, which is just making impactful content and helping people know about that business we were doing it for, or that organization,” Griggs said of connecting with the charity.

Griggs enjoys connecting with animators, directors, editors and photographers to produce compelling content for this clientele. It’s the collaborative process that delights the 34-year-old entrepreneur.

IV Creative Concepts has produced video content for notable clients such as the African American Chamber of Commerce of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware and commercials for PECO Energy. The agency recently filmed videos for the AACC’s Building Back Black Initiative, A National Convening of Mayors town hall event. The event, held Aug. 11, focused on the state of Black-owned businesses.

Griggs takes pride in knowing that he’s been able to work with former NBC Sports clients on some of his projects.

“When I left NBC I made it a goal to circle back to some of those people, whether they got let go or they left on their own, to loop them in on my business and try to work them in on some of my projects because I know they are so talented,” he said.

“Cutting them a check from my company for a job that we did for one of my clients made me feel good.”

When the pandemic hit last year, many businesses were forced to close. Griggs said the shutdowns caused by the pandemic could have been devastating to his company.

“We were able to just really hunker down and keep communication open with clients and build an ideation, build content, build plans and build for the future,” he explained. “So, when everything started opening up, we really hit the ground running and did some creating for people.”

Griggs copes with challenging times that may arise by focusing on his long term business goals.

“When you’re right in the fire and things don’t go your way, it can be discouraging,” he said. “But if you keep you working and focus on the goal, it helps out a lot.

“I believe that we are working toward it every single day and that really keeps me grounded. And, during those times of discouragement, that really helps me get back on track.”

Griggs’ future goals include expanding to be able to hire full time staff and opening a studio in Philadelphia to help young creatives develop their craft.

“I want a studio where people can come and learn, whether you are in middle school, elementary, high school or college,” he said. “You can come learn from who are currently doing things there and if you have some ideas you can spit them out and you can potential get paid from your ideas.”

“If you bring an ideal to the table and help it get worked on and filmed and presented to a client, you should be getting paid justly for that,” Griggs continued. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that and that could be one of my lasting legacies.”

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