Janssen Biotech’s Nicole Black gains insight

Nicole Black is the director of customer experience for Janssen Biotech, Inc., a division of Johnson & Johnson. She has more than 18 years of domestic and global marketing experience. -SUBMITTED PHOTO

In her role as director of customer experience for Janssen Biotech, Inc. Nicole Black gains valuable insight from both doctors and patients.

“The best way that I would explain my position is I’m a chief listening officer,” said Black, who is a native of Philadelphia.

“As the director of customer experience, I’m responsible for listening to patients and professionals to share with the organization what are some of the unmet needs that are out there, that can help patients be more successful on our treatments and in utilizing our tools and services that are helping better health outcomes.”

Janssen Biotech is a division of Johnson & Johnson that specializes in immunology, oncology and nephrology therapies.

“Janssen Biotech has fantastic drugs that truly revolutionizes patients’ lives,” said Black.

“The reason that I was brought into the organization was in this changing health care landscape, how can we at Janssen, really help patients move along that continuum of diagnosis to having better health outcomes? We are really looking to partner with healthcare professionals so that patients have the access and can also afford the medicines.”

While pursuing an undergraduate degree at Howard University, Black discovered that she had a true passion for unmet consumer needs. This would ultimately lead her to Johnson & Johnson.

In her more than 15 years at Johnson & Johnson, she held a variety of roles including vice president, Enterprise Marketing and Research at J&J Healthcare Systems, group product director with McNeil Consumer Healthcare, group product director for McNeil Nutritionals’ portfolio of base brands and worldwide director of innovation where she served as a member of their McNeil Nutritionals’ Global Management Board.

Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, she held marketing positions with American Express and the DuPont Company.

In addition to spending a significant amount of time visiting doctor’s offices, Black meets with the Janssen’s customer experience board and mentors up-and-coming professionals in the company. She also serves on the board of Janssen Biotech.

“One of the true beauties of my job is that every day is very different,” said Black.

“It’s such a broad role, but what we’re doing is impacting the lives in a positive way, of so many people that is fulfilling, whether it’s helping somebody who is suffering from prostate cancer or it’s that person who may have psoriasis.”

Black’s role is the only one of its kind within North America Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies. She’s held the position for the last 14 months.

“Nicole leads a cross-functional team at Janssen Biotech, Inc. to execute against the organizational priority to enhance customer alignment throughout the business.  At Janssen, we center our efforts around the needs of the customer, which we have identified through extensive research, said Monica Neufang, communications leader, North America Janseen.

“More importantly, but centering our efforts around the needs of the customer, we win for patients.  Nicole and her team's efforts help patients gain access and start on our therapies prescribed for them and aides them with adherence and compliance tools and programs to stay on therapy, all in effort to generate the best possible health outcomes.”

Black has been recognized by Advertising Week as one of the Top 100 marketers and also appeared in Savoy Magazine as a “Rising Star in Corporate America.”

Black offered some advice for those with similar career interests.

“For those who are in undergrad now, use this time while you are in college to expand your networks and broaden your horizons,” said Black.

“When you’re in college you have a unique position where people love to give advice.”

She said up and coming professionals should be clear about what they hope to achieve. Black also stressed the importance of seeking out industry leaders for advice and mentorship.

Black resides in North Wales with her husband, Kenyatta, and their sons, Jaden and Christian.


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