When Morria Winn was doing online research into non-invasive ways to lose weight, she stumbled across a place in Atlanta, Georgia.

She kept looking for a business in Philadelphia that offered the same services.

But, the former Hahnemann Hospital lab technician said, “There was nowhere in Philly offering it, so a light bulb went off in my head.”

She presented the concept to her longtime friend, Stephanie Barnes, who was initially skeptical of the idea.

“I thought it was a Ponzi scheme,” said Barnes, who has a background as a radiologist.

But after the two friends did more research and realized that non-invasive body contouring was a legitimate business option, they launched Contour Body Studio in 2018. They self-funded their venture after they got trained and certified in beauty-enhancing techniques.

Barnes and Winn started Contour as a mobile business and faced the challenge of traveling to their clients’ homes — often at night — not knowing what they were going to encounter. The businesswomen eventually secured a location at Jasper Studios in the Kensington neighborhood. They consistently take classes to keep updated about the latest techniques.

“It was a lot of hard work,” Barnes said, as she reflected on starting a business while raising children.

“That’s why we take pride in what we do. We take it very personal. We really love Contour because we worked so hard for it. We sacrificed for it.”

Contour offers a myriad of services, including cool sculpting, contour lipo for fat reduction, cellulite reduction treatment to facials, waxing and teeth whitening.

Winn said they want to offer an alternative for women who are afraid or can’t afford to undergo liposuction, a type of fat removal procedure used in plastic surgery.

“I wanted to get lipo, but I was always afraid to go under the knife and there is a large population of women that are afraid of it and they still want those quick results — more so than just going to the gym and eating healthy alone,” she stated.

Contour’s packages are tailored to their clients based on their personal body goals.

“We are very honest. We tell women it’s half us and it’s half you,” Winn said, noting that clients must still exercise and watch their diets after undergoing fat reduction procedures.

“Even when women go and get plastic surgery, if they don’t do their part, they will gain everything back. What we’re doing in here is we’re targeting the fatty areas and making you come down way faster than just traditional dieting and weight loss.”

At Contour, the emphasis is on women, even though men can come for services as well.

“We are really all about women,” Barnes said. “We like to pamper and cater to them.”

Winn said they want to help women build their self-esteem.

“It’s hard when you struggle with your weight,” she added.

“It can be detrimental to your self-esteem. When they come here, we want them to feel like a queen.”

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