Michelle Snow has come a long way since she first dove into entrepreneurship.

She is the president and CEO of the Michelle Snow Company, LLC, a company that provides career coaching services, professional development training for corporations, work place skills for college students and assistance to small businesses.

Snow initially sought to start her company back in 2010, but her plans were waylaid when she developed sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that affects multiple organs in the body, but mostly the lungs and lymph glands.

Snow woke up one day and literally couldn’t move and was rushed to the hospital. She went from being active and on the verge of launching her business to being disabled. She had difficulty breathing, standing and walking.

“I was in a position where I was unable to take care of myself. I was in chronic pain from my head to my toes,” she recalled.

Snow’s doctor told her it would probably take her upwards of 15 years to heal, however she rallied back and returned to the workforce. She left a well-paying job in 2013 as a training corporate manager to start her business. After years of training professionals at a Fortune 500 business, Snow believed she would be more effective in helping others if she had her own firm.

“In corporate America, I thought like I was missing something,” said Snow, who is a native of North Philadelphia.

When she launched her company in February 2013, she started out at the Temple University Small Business Development Center (SBDC). She lacked capital, but she had vision.

“I started with a dream and a website,” Snow said.

With more than 12 years of experience of working for major companies and a solid background in management, Snow thought that she would be able to net clientele. However took her about a year to bring in some solid business.

She finally snagged her first major client in January when she was asked to provide professional development training for more than 200 employees of the Waldorf Astoria New York. That’s when more doors began to open for her company and she began receiving more business opportunities. The Michelle Snow Company provides services for local colleges and universities, school districts, libraries and small businesses.

This month, the company moved from the Temple SBDC, to a suite at the Friends Center located at 1501 Cherry St. The move enables Snow to expand her coaching services and offer a business hub for entrepreneurs who need office space.

Snow has found her niche in helping professionals and entrepreneurs tap into their potential. She assists small business owners with their administrative services, time management and branding strategies.

Snow is fulfilled by her work as a career and business coach.

“One thing about this path that I’ve chosen as a career coach is that I just love it. I love it, because all I do is help people be better. What job is better than that — when all you do is see somebody’s potential and steer them towards greatness,” said Snow, who is a graduate of Peirce College.


(215) 893-5747

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